Revived Witch: Stats

Revived Witch features different dolls for players to collect, and each doll has specific statistics that have a great impact on your gameplay.


Revived Witch is an exciting mobile game that invites players to enjoy strategic role-playing elements. Its official description states, “In a dark forest, a lofty tower reappears, filled with strong magic. Legend has it that the tower hides away a mystical power.” Many have tried to explore the tower but no one has managed to get out alive.

That is until a maiden who has lost all of her memories enters the tower to discover her past and fulfil her destiny. Players are invited to collect and play with characters, also known as dolls, to travel through the various worlds the game has to offer.

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Why are dolls important?

The doll system may seem like a simple feature to some, but it is an essential facet of the game. This is because your dolls are one of the most important parts of the entire gaming experience – you need them every bit as much as they need you.

Players will not be able to advance in the story without the help of their dolls. Moreover, you cannot join any in-game events or activities the game has to offer if you do not have a doll. It can thus be said that the game somewhat revolves around the dolls.

Revived Witch: Stats

All of the dolls in the game have unique statistics, which, essentially, refers to their attributes. Equipment can also have statistics, which has a direct influence on the wearer. A doll’s statistics will increase as they move up the levels or when they are upgraded.

It is noteworthy that every doll’s statistic differs, which means that some might be more powerful than others, however, their base statistics are the same. The different statistics that a doll can have are health, physical attack, magic attack, physical defence, and magic defence.

Of all the statistics, health, magic defence, and physical defence are the staple statistics that every doll has, while physical attack and magic attack are different types of offensive moves, implemented with different types of heroes.

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Statistic descriptions

Players should remember that all of the statistics can have an effect on their gameplay and its mechanics. The following table lists all the statistics and gives a description of each:

Statistic Description
Health Most players refer to it as HP. It determines the maximum amount of damage a doll can take before failing in battle.
Physical attack It is also known as ATK. This statistic determines how much physical damage can be dealt to that specific doll.
Magic attack It is known as Magic ATK, and it determines how much magical damage the doll can deal.
Physical defence Players refer to this attribute as DEF. It determines how much incoming physical attack the doll can reduce. The more the value, the less physical attack received by that doll.
Magic defence It is known as magical DEF, and it refers to how many incoming magic attacks the doll can reduce.

How to increase a doll’s statistics

The most common way of increasing a doll’s statistics is by increasing their level. The current maximum level for most dolls is 60, after which you can use mana to upgrade them even further. Furthermore, you can ascend your hero after they have reached the maximum level to increase their statistics.

Keep in mind, though, that ascension can take time and it requires specific materials. Fortunately, the game will inform you which materials are needed to reach the next ascension level.

Are there other ways to increase a doll’s power?

You can increase your doll’s abilities, statistics, and power using equipment, enchantments, and going through the evolvement process. Under the section called “Equipment” you will find a forge button for every piece of gear, you can level up these items to increase your doll’s power.

Moreover, enchanting allows you to change the attributes of any equipment. This means that you can change the attribute of a doll’s equipment to increase their statistics and power, while evolvement simply increases your overall star rating and your doll’s level.

Revived Witch wallpaper
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Final thoughts

Revived Witch is a thrilling mobile game that follows the story of a maiden who has lost all of her memories. However, she decides to enter a magical tower in the hopes of discovering her past and fulfilling her destiny.

Players are invited to collect and play with multiple characters also referred to as dolls. Each doll has unique statistics, which essentially refers to their attributes. The different statistics that a doll can have are health, physical attack, magic attack, physical defence, and magic defence.

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