Rainbow Six Mobile closes Soft Launch servers

Rainbow Six Mobile recently announced that all Soft Launch servers that fall outside the Soft Launch servers have been closed.

Rainbow Six was initially released as a personal computer (PC) and console game and has been enjoyed by over 85 million players worldwide.

Fans of the series will soon be able to enjoy the game from anywhere, as the developer announced that a mobile version of the game will be released.

Rainbow Six Mobile closes Soft Launch servers
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Rainbow Six Mobile features a tactical, competitive and multiplayer first-person shooter experience on your mobile device.

Since the game’s Soft Launch concluded recently, Ubisoft has announced that their focus will now be on improving server performance and addressing bugs and connection issues.

Furthermore, they intend to enhance the game’s compatibility and optimization to ensure optimal gameplay across a broader spectrum of mobile devices.

Ubisoft’s goal is for fans of the series to experience Rainbow Six in all its glory; with high frames-per-second (FPS) and graphic settings on their mobile devices.

If you were part of the Soft Launch, you may still be able to enjoy the game if you are part of the Soft Launch countries. However, the developer closed servers operating outside of the Soft Launch countries.

If you are playing Rainbow Six Mobile from outside the Soft Launch countries, you may experience difficulties connecting to game matches as well as experience high latency, which results in difficulty with playing the game properly.

Fans of the series believe that the official release date of Rainbow Six Mobile is in the near future, as the Soft Launch has concluded. However, Ubisoft is yet to reveal when the game will be released.

That being said, players can still pre-register for the game to be the first to find out when the game will be available for download.

To pre-register for Rainbow Six Mobile, you can open the game’s official website and enter your email address to complete the process.

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