Raid Shadow Legends: Quick-Travel

Players can Quick-Travel in the Campaign gaming mode of Raid: Shadow Legends, and it allegedly saves a lot of time.

Raid: Shadow Legends is a thrilling mobile game that incorporates role-playing elements with strategic battles.

The game is set in the fantasy realm of Teleria, which has been colonised by Siroth, who is a powerful dark lord. In these tragic, horrific times, it is your duty as the player to defeat Siroth and fight for the future of mankind.

The game comprises a variety of activities and occasional events that you can participate in, however, some of these features may be locked initially. Fortunately, you gain access to them when you meet the necessary requirements to do so.

Some players have claimed that travelling between activities is quite consuming, luckily, the game recently introduced a quicker travel option.

What activities can players enjoy?

The game allegedly offers players a range of activities to keep them interested. Some of the activities you can participate in are described below as follows:

Activity Description
Campaign Players have to clear a stage in a campaign to gain access to the next. The final stage contains a boss that will drop various rewards.
Arena The Arena allows you to test your Champions against other players from around the world in player-versus-player mode battles.
Clan Clans are essentially the game’s guild system, and they have Clan-exclusive activities, such as boss fights, wars, and quests.
Challenges There are 4 challenges players can participate in, namely Champion, Artifact, Dungeon, and Arena.

Raid Shadow Legends: Quick-Travel

Similarly to other role-playing titles, Raid: Shadow Legends has some problems and bugs that the game’s developer has to resolve. Furthermore, they should ensure that their players are interested and engaged in the game, so they release new content and features regularly.

Furthermore, it is also the developer’s responsibility to listen to their target market’s needs and queries and to then provide them with content to fulfil their needs. The game added a new Quick-Travel feature to the Campaign Stages.

Starting from level 50, gamers will be able to dive right back into their most recently played Campaign Stage with a single tap from the Game Modes Window.

There are 12 Campaign locations available in 4 difficulty modes, which means that there are a total of 48 locations. Keep in mind that every location has 7 stages. Players have to clear a stage in a location to gain access to the following stage.

It is important to note that you have to complete the final stage of a location to access the first stage of the next location. Moreover, you have to complete all 12 locations of a difficult mode to gain access to the first stage of the first location of the next difficulty mode.

Players can now Quick-Travel to the level of the location they are busy with in the Campaign gaming mode, which will make the process of travelling much quicker.


For every stage that you successfully complete in the Campaign, you will get a certain amount of experience and silver. Keep in mind that the quantity of experience and silver you receive is based on the stage you have completed.

Experience is divided amongst your participating Champions, which means that 2 Champions assigned to a stage will get twice as much experience as 4 Champions.

The rewards allegedly get better for each consecutive stage, location, and difficulty you complete. However, the boss stage grants lower experience and less silver rewards than stages 1 to 6 at that location and difficulty.

Rewards per location

In addition to the silver and experience, you can get a Champion, mystery card, or Artifact, depending on the location you completed. The following table lists the items you can earn for some of the locations:

Location Artifact Uncommon Champion Rare Champion
Catacombs of Narbuk Defence Skellag, Skullsquire and Dhampir Sorceress
Kaerok Castle Life Duelist and Commander Valerie and Conquerer
Durham Forest Critical Rate Satyr Spirithost and Graybeard

Is grinding the Campaign worth it?

The Campaign is allegedly the best place to garner farming experience points and level up your Champions, including main characters and fodders.

It is recommended that you farm the highest possible chapters of the campaign if your characters are not at their maximum level. While you are farming experience points, you stand a chance to get desirable rewards and items, including rare Champions.

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