Raid Shadow Legends: Monster Coins

Raid: Shadow Legends’ Monster Path event will reward players with Monster Coins if they successfully complete the objectives

Raid: Shadow Legends is currently collaborating with the popular franchise, Monster Hunter. This collaboration introduced various new events that you can enjoy as well as new Legendary Champions that you can acquire.

It is noteworthy that you have until March 2024 to participate in the new events and procure the new Champions.

One of the Monster Hunter inspired events that you can participate in is Monster Path, which requires that you to complete unique objectives to earn Monster Coins.

For Monster Path, you need to upgrade Champion’s levels and stars, but you also have to summon Stones and Soulstones to earn Monster Coins.

Raid Shadow Legends: Monster Coins
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Players can use their Monster Coins to explore branching Reward Paths in the Monster Path event and unlock rewards.

By progressing in the Monster Path event, you can earn Shards and one of the Monster Hunter exclusive champions, Alatreon Blademaster.

Since Alatreon Blademaster will be removed from Raid: Shadow Legends when the collaboration concludes, most players will want to acquire as many Monster Coins as possible to add Alatreon to their collection.

YouTuber, Tyrauku mentioned that players can use the Brew method to collect Monster Coins.

This means that if players take their 2-star champions and level them up through the campaign, they will reach level 7, however, if you use the Brew method, they will reach level 10.

The Brew method will therefore reward you with more Monster Coins than leveling up your Champions through the campaign will.

This unfortunately means that you need many Brew items to use this method. If you do not have enough Brew items, you may have to level your Champions through the campaign.

Brew Leveling Table

In the table below, players can discover how many XP Brews it takes and how much Silver it costs to level up a Champion:

Star Level 1 Star XP Brews required Silver required
1 3 1 9 700
2 4 4 31 600
3 9 10 78 100
4 Not applicable 24 168 000
5 5 51 361 500
6 3 107 751 700

How to get Alatreon Blademaster

In order to get Alatreon Blademaster, you have to start from the left side of the tree and then grab the middle 2 keys, which costs 13 000 Monster Coins.

Players then have to go back to the top and work their way down the left side of the tree all the way. This path requires 94 750 points to claim the Legendary champion.

This essentially means that you need a total of 107 750 coins, but you will also pick up a void shard along with other rewards. Once you have Alatreon Blademaster, you can try to procure the perfect soul for him.

However, you will need an additional 28 000 just to get the keys to get down the right-hand side. Furthermore, 88 000 Monster Coins are required to get the soul for the Champion.

If you are interested in Alatreon Blademaster’s perfect soul, you need a total of 223 750 Monster Coins.

Can the Monster Coins be used elsewhere?

Players should keep in mind that the Monster Coins cannot be used for anything else in Raid: Shadow Legends.

The Monster Path event will conclude on Friday, 26 January 2024 and unfortunately, all items related to this event will be removed from the game.

This means that the Event Keys, which are used to open the paths, will be removed from the game. The Monster Coins, on the other hand, will automatically be converted into silver.

It is therefore recommended that you use all your Event Keys and Monster Coins while the event is active.

Since the Monster Coins will be converted into Silver, several players will be holding on to them to obtain the currency.

However, it is not possible to earn more Monster Coins than is required to unlock all of the rewards. If you complete the Monster Path event as intended, you will use all of your Monster Coins.

Monster Hunter inspired Champions

In addition to Alatreon Blademaster, you can procure 5 new Monster Hunter inspired Champions. Players can therefore get Rathalos Blademaster, Zinogre Blademaster, R. Nergigante Archer and Fatalis Blademaster.

All these Champions have very unique effects, and we recommend you acquire them as soon as possible. This is because they will only be available while the Monster Hunter collaboration event is active.

Once the event concludes, the Monster Hunter inspired Champions will be removed from Raid: Shadow Legends.

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