Raid Shadow Legends: Michinaki

Michinaki is a new Legendary Champion in Raid: Shadow Legends, and he is considered one of the best characters in the game.

In this adventurous mobile game, Raid: Shadow Legends, players can explore the vast open world of Teleria while enjoying strategic battles. Unfortunately, the world has been colonised by a powerful dark lord called Siroth.

In these horrific times, it is your duty as the player to defeat Siroth and fight for the future of mankind. On your quest to defeat the dark lord, you can collect and use various Champions who are essentially the characters in the game.

Raid: Shadow Legends’ developer, Plarium, recently introduced Michinaki, who is regarded as one of the best Champions in the game.

How to acquire Champions

Collecting Champions is crucial, as you need to build a strong team that can succeed in difficult battles.

There are 5 categories of Champion rarities, namely, common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Common characters are the easiest to acquire, while Legendary are the most difficult.

Most of the champions can be procured through the summoning system, which takes place in the Portal. When you use the summoning feature, you will obtain a random champion in return for a shard and some silver.

The summoning rates and the probability of summon champions of specific rarities are determined by the type of shard that you use.

Raid Shadow Legends: Michinaki

Since Michinaki is a Legendary Champion, you can use an Ancient shard, a Void Shard, or a Sacred Shard to summon him.

However, his drop rates are extremely low, which means that you only have a 0.5 percent chance of acquiring him when you use an Ancient or a Void Shard. If you use a Sacred Shard, there is only a 6 percent that you will collect Michinaki.

Raid Shadow Legends: Michinaki
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Michinaki was added to the Shadowkin faction during the Halloween patch 6.20 in October 2022. This Champion’s appearance is quite similar to the classic Ghost Rider, who has the appearance of a flaming skeleton.

He is one of the most interesting Legendary Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends, as he features a unique kit. The table below outlines Michinaki’s skills and abilities:

Skill Description
Burning Bonds
  • Michinaki deals 1 attack, and he has a 50 percent chance of applying a Health Point burn debuff on an enemy for 2 turns
Dire Whorl
  • The Champion will attack all enemies while having a 75 percent chance of placing a 60 percent decrease in defences debuff for 2 turns
  • He also has a 75 percent chance of applying a 50 percent decrease attack debuff on enemies under Hex debuffs for 2 turns
Doubled Degeneracy
  • Michinaki attacks all enemies 2 times. The first attack removes all buffs from each target, and the second hit applies a Hex debuff for 2 turns
Courser of Curses
  • With this passive skill, the Champion has a 50 percent chance to team up and join an ally’s attack, when the ally attacks an enemy under a hex debuff.

In addition to these skills, Michinaki’s aura increases all ally defences in battle by 30 percent.

Michinaki’s masteries

It is essential to note that Michinaki uses distinctive masteries for player-versus-player and player-versus-environment gaming modes. The table below outlines Michinaki’s recommended masteries:


Gaming mode Masteries
General player-versus-environment
  • Blade Disciple
  • Heart of Glory
  • Keen Strike
  • Single Out
  • Life Drinker
  • Bring it Down
  • Cycle of Violence
  • Methodical
  • Warmaster
  • Tough Skin
  • Blast Proof
  • Resurgent
  • Delay Death
  • Retribution
  • Deterrence
Nuker player-versus-player
  • Deadly Precision
  • Heart of Glory
  • Keen Strike
  • Whirlwind of Death
  • Ruthless Ambush
  • Wrath of the Slain
  • Cycle of Violence
  • Kill Streak
  • Helmsmasher
  • Tough Skin
  • Blast Proof
  • Resurgent
  • Retribution
  • Deterrence
Buff strip player-versus-player
  • Defiant
  • Rejuvenation
  • Improved Parry
  • Resurgent
  • Wisdom of Battle
  • Delay Death
  • Retribution
  • Deterrence
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Charged Focus
  • Swarm Smiter
  • Lore of Steel
  • Evil Eye
  • Master Hexer
  • Eagle Eye

Michinaki’s blessings

Although there are different blessings in Raid: Shadow Legends, some blessings are more suitable for Michinaki than others.

For late game, you should use brimstone, while you can use a lighting cage for arena defence. If you are using Michinaki to defeat Hydra Clan Bosses, it is recommended that you use cruelty.

Michinaki’s gear recommendations

There is an array of artifact sets that you can acquire in Raid: Shadow Legends, but some artifacts can boost Michinaki’s performance in battle. The following table lists the recommended gear and statistics for each gaming mode:

Mode Description
Player-versus-environment statistics
  • Accuracy
  • Critical Rate
  • Critical Damage
  • Speed
Player-versus-environment artifact sets
  • Perception
  • Speed
  • Savage
  • Cruel
Player-versus-player statistics
  • For buff removal: accuracy and speed
  • For damage: critical rate, critical damage and defence
Player-versus-player artifact sets
  • Stoneskin
  • Savage
  • Lethal
  • Cruel
  • Immunity

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