Raid Shadow Legends: Lonatharil

In Raid: Shadow Legends, one of the Legendary characters you can acquire is Lonatharil, though he is considered fairly weak.

Raid: Shadow Legends is a thrilling role-playing video game that invites gamers to immerse themselves in the fictional world of Teleria.

Regrettably, this world has been colonised by Siroth, a powerful Dark Lord. As the player, it is your responsibility to defeat him and to restore harmony to the world.

To save the world, players have to take on the role of a powerful, ancient Telerian warrior. However, you also need to create a formation of Champions to help you on your mission.

At the beginning of the game, you get the opportunity to choose a Champion, but you can acquire additional heroes, such as Lonatharil, as you advance in the story.

How to collect Champions

Similarly to other role-playing titles, Raid: Shadow Legends allows players to acquire Champions through multiple avenues. Shards, which are unique crystals you can find while progressing in the game, allow you to summon characters through the Portal.

Players can also collect Champions by grinding the missions in the game’s campaign. Every battle of the campaign offers unique characters through drops that can be earned as rewards. Furthermore, you can accumulate Champions by completing difficult quests and achievements.

That being said, it is recommended that new players focus on obtaining Champions through the portal by completing missions in the campaign. Grinding difficult quests and achievements are end-game content and as such, is recommended for endgame players.

Raid Shadow Legends: Lonatharil

One of the characters players can get in Raid: Shadow Legends is Lonatharil, who assumes the role of a supporter on the battlefield. Gamers should bear in mind that he is a health point Champion and is part of the High Elves faction.

Raid Shadow Legends: Lonatharil
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Since Lonatharil is a Legendary Champion, you only have a 0.5 percent chance of summoning him through the Portal. However, if you use a Sacred Shard, you have a 6 percent chance of acquiring him. Similarly to other Champions, Lonatharil has various skills that can be used in a battle:

Skill name Description
Gallantry Lonatharil attacks an enemy and decreases its maximum health points by 30 percent of the damage inflicted. He applies a shield debuff equal to 10 percent of his own maximum health points on the ally with the lowest health points
Flicker Barrier The Champion attacks all enemies and places a shield on all allies for 3 turns equal to 20 percent of his own maximum health. If there are any dead allies, the shield increases to 30 percent
Finest hour Lonatharil places a 30 percent critical damage buff on all allies for 2 turns. He then teams up with all allies to attack a single enemy
Piercer This passive ability inflicts 20 percent more damage against targets under the shield buff
Aura It increases an ally’s health points in Doom Tower Battles by 35 percent

Lonatharil masteries

It is recommended that players only use Lonatharil for general player-versus-environment and for the Doom Tower. Hence, you should avoid doing any player-versus-player with him. The table below lists the masteries for Lonatharil.

General PvE Doom Tower Solo
·   Deadly Precision

·   Heart of Glory

·   Keen Strike

·   Single Out

·   Life Drinker

·   Bring it Down

·   Methodical

·   Kill Streak

·   Warmaster

·   Steadfast

·   Shieldbearer

·   Rapid Response

·   Cycle of Magic

·   Lore of Steel

·   Spirit Haste

·   Deadly Precision

·   Single Out

·   Bring it Down

·   Methodical

·   Warmaster

·   Defiant

·   Improved Parry

·   Rejuvenation

·   Resurgent

·   Wisdom of Battle

·   Delay Death

·   Stubbornness

·   Cycle of Revenge

·   Retribution

Lonatharil Fusion

Lonatharil is the August 2022 Fusion, but he is a Fragment Collector, also known as a Traditional Fusion. This means that you need to collect Fragments for 4 individual Epic Champions to fuse him. These Champions are:

It is worth noting that this Fusion event is unlike others, as it will be tied into a Fragment summon event to obtain these Epic Champions. This means that no Rare Champions will be in this Fusion event.

Is Lonatharil worth going for?

Raid: Shadow Legends‘ Lonatharil is a Champion that will help as a support unit, however, he is quite weak compared to other Legendary Champions. However, it is recommended that you always go for the Fusion if you can.

This is because it is not known what will come of these Champions in the future. There is a possibility that you may need a Fused Lonatharil to acquire another hero, however, it is yet to be revealed.

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