Raid Shadow Legends: Lizard Day Pack

Raid: Shadow Legends recently celebrated World Lizard Day, which means players had the opportunity to purchase limited-time packs in the game.

Players can explore the fantasy world of Teleria in this adventurous video game, Raid: Shadow Legends. In addition to fighting enemies in turn-based battles and completing quests, you can participate in limited-time events.

One of the events that you can enjoy is Lizard Day, which features a unique pack.

Factions in Raid: Shadow Legends

You can procure a variety of Champions which originate from different factions in Raid: Shadow Legends.

One of the factions that you can discover is the Lizardmen, who evolved from the brackish waters of Teleria long before modern humanoid races emerged with more powerful brains.

These amphibious bipeds are considered untouchable, however, they are tolerated in city sewers and swamps.

Allegedly, Lizardmen trade through messenger to get sustenance or ransom for their captives.

Players can now procure the Lizardmen by summoning them through the portal, but gamers should keep in mind that there are different rarities of Lizardmen that they can acquire.

Raid Shadow Legends: Lizard Day Pack

Raid: Shadow Legends recently made an in-game announcement that players were celebrating world lizard day.

To celebrate, the game hosted a limited-time event which began on Monday, 14 August and concluded on Tuesday, 15 August 2023.

During this celebration, the developers gave players 10 x more of a chance at summoning some of the most powerful champions from the Lizardmen faction.

It is noteworthy, though, that only certain Lizardmen had the higher drop rate while the event was active.

In addition to the increased drop rate, players were able to purchase an array of Lizard Day Packs.

Though these packs were only available while the event was active and therefore, the packs were removed from the game when the celebration concluded.

Gamers were able to purchase any of the following packs:

Pack Price Contents
1 $49.99
  • 27 Ancient Shards
  • 2800 Energy
  • 550 000 Silver
2 $469.99
  • 25 Void Shard
  • 10 50 Multi-Battle Attempts
  • 700 000 Silver
3 $99.99
  • 4 Sacred Shards
  • 4 400 Energy
  • 8 x 50 Multi-Battle Attempts
  • 400 00 Silver
4 $14.99
  • 6 Ancient Shards
  •  1 Sacred Shard
  • 4 Void Shards

The packs listed in the table were the higher-tier version of the Lizard Day Packs. This essentially means that there were lower tier packs available, which we believed were more affordable than the packs mentioned in the table.

Furthermore, the game released a limit on the quantity of packs that players could purchase. Allegedly, the limit is meant to prevent players from buying excessive amounts of packs to get an unfair advantage over other players.

Raid Shadow Legends: Lizard Day Pack
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Will the packs return to Raid: Shadow Legends?

Since World Lizard Day is an annual occurrence, players may have to wait another year before they are able to purchase a Lizard Day Pack in Raid: Shadow Legends.

However, we do believe that the game will release additional limited-time packs in the game in the meantime.

We recommend that you log into the game regularly to stay up to date with the latest news, packs, announcements and events.

Raid: Shadow Legends does not often release official information on its website, which means that may you have to log into the game to find out about the latest news.

Which Champions were available?

When the World Lizard Day celebration was active, the game gave players 10 x more of a chance at summoning some of the most powerful Champions from the Lizardmen Faction.

Gamers were able to summon the following Champions:

Shard Champions
Ancient and Sacred
  • Dracomorph
  • Neko Thaar
  • Fu-Shan
  • Jareg
  • Venomage
  • Aox the Rememberer
  • Sulfuryion
  • Skathix

World Lizard Day details

Raid: Shadow Legends players should remember that the chances that you will summon Epic and Legendary Champions from Ancient, Void and Sacred Shards were the same as normal.

If you summon an Epic Champion from an Ancient, Void or Sacred Shard, you will have 10 x more of a chance at getting Skathix, Venomage, Jareg or Aox the Rememberer.

However if you summon a Legendary Champion, you will have 10 x more of a chance at collecting Nekmo Thaar, Fu-Shan, Sulfuryion or Dracomorph.

If you missed out on this opportunity to procure some of the most powerful Lizardmen, you need not be concerned – you will get more chances in the future.

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