Raid: Shadow Legends: High Khatun

Players are able to obtain the epic Champion, High Khatun in Raid: Shadow Legends, on day 30 of the daily reward system.


Raid: Shadow Legends is a fantasy-themed, turn-based mobile game set in the fictional world of Teleria. However, the world has recently been taken by the Dark Lord, Siroth. It is thus up to the players to save the world.

The game features multiple adventures for players to take part in. However, it is recommended that they familiarise themselves with the Affinity system before they participate in one of the in-game activities.

There are four types of distinct Affinities in the game, and players will need to have knowledge of them to be successful. One offers no particular advantages or disadvantages over the others, while three of them exist in balance with one another.

The following table indicates the name of the Affinity and its properties:

Name of Affinity Properties
Magic (Blue) Magic is weak against Force Affinities, however, it has an advantage against Spirit.
Spirit (Green) Even though Spirit has an advantage against Force, it is weak against Magic.
Force (Red) This Affinity is strong against Magic, but has a disadvantage against Spirit.
Void (Purple) The Void Affinity features no counter, or weaknesses, against other Affinities.

Once players understand all the Affinities, they are able to assemble an army of Champions. The players will use their Champions for battles in dungeons, castles, deserts and temples. It is important to note that these locations can be heavily guarded by enemies.

When players first start playing Raid, they will have to play a tutorial mission to learn the gameplay. After the tutorial, they will be able to choose their first Champion.

It is important to note that there are four types of Champions:  Defence, Health Point, Attack and Support. Players should thus choose their Champion wisely.

Players are able to collect more Champions by using Shards, which contain the souls of ancient warriors. When players have collected the required Shards, they can summon a warrior at the in-game Summoning Portal.

It is important to note that there are four different Shards, and each summons a different type of Champion. The following table indicates the different Shards and the rarity of warriors each Shard can summon:

Shard name Rarity of warriors
Mystery Shard Mystery Shards have a 74.2 percent chance of summoning a common Champion. Additionally, it has a 24.4 percent chance to summon an uncommon Champion, and a 1.4 percent chance to summon a rare Champion.
Ancient Shard Players have a 91.5 percent to obtain a rare champion with this Shard, but there is an eight percent chance that it will summon an epic Champion, and a 0.5 percent chance for it to summon a legendary Champion.
Void Shard A Void Shard has a 91 percent chance of summoning a rare Champion. Additionally, it has an eight percent chance of summoning an epic Champion, and a 0.5 percent chance for a legendary Champion.
Sacred Shard With this Shard, players stand a 94 percent chance at obtaining an epic Champion. However, it has a six percent chance to summon a legendary Champion.

Raid: Shadow Legends: High Khatun

One of the Champions players can collect in Raid: Shadow Legends is High Khatun. She is the first free Champion players can obtain through the daily rewards system. It is important to note that players will only receive her on day 30.

High Khatun is an epic Champion from the Barbarian and forms part of the Spirit Affinity. It is believed that she performs best in the Borgoth Fight that occurs in the Doom Tower.

High Khatun features a high Health Point (HP) and accuracy amount. She will help players through mid-game content. However, she may remain in end-game arenas.

High Khatun’s skills and abilities

Th following table indicates High Khatun’s skills and a description of each:

Skill name Skill description

Shamanic Lightning

High Khatun will attack all enemies. The skill has a 50 percent chance of decreasing the turn meters by 15 percent. It is important to note that this skill has a cooldown of five turns.

Rally the Horde

The skill fills the Turn Meter of allies by 15 percent. Additionally, it applies a 30 percent skill buff on all allies for two turns. It is important to note that it has a four-turn cooldown.

Imperial Grace

With this skill, High Khatun attacks one enemy. It has a 25 percent chance of placing 30 percent decrease speed debuff for two turns.

In addition to the above-mentioned skills, High Khatun is able to increase all allies’ speed in battles by 19 percent.

High Khatun’s gear

It is advised that players use the following for Arena, Faction Wars and Champaign:

  • Three speed set
  • Two speed set, one immortal set
  • Two speed set, one life set

While players should use one lifesteal and one speed set, or one lifesteal and one accuracy set for dungeons and clan bosses.

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