Raid: Shadow Legends’ Gold Keys

You can obtain 10 Gold Keys daily in Raid: Shadow Legends to unlock new levels in either the normal or hard modes of the Doom Tower.


Raid: Shadow Legends is a fantasy-themed, turn-based video game that invites players to experience role-playing elements. Its story takes place in the fantasy world of Teleria, which is now dominated by Siroth, the Dark Lord.

It is now your responsibility to take on the role of an ancient Telerian warrior to defeat him and save the world.

To aid you in your quest, you can assemble an army of Champions for battles in settings such as deserts, dungeons and castles defended by enemies.

You can also use your Champions to participate in numerous activities that the game offers, such as questing, collecting resources, crafting clan bosses and joining the Arena, among others.

What is the Doom Tower?

The Doom Tower is one of the activities you can enjoy in Raid: Shadow Legends. However, it is only available for players from level 40 and above. The tower has 120 floors, each of which consist of 3 waves of different enemies, including Champions and powerful bosses.

Raid- Shadow Legends doom tower
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When you complete a floor, you will receive a reward and have access to the following floor. The Doom Tower features different rotations, which means that the bosses in the tower will differ every week.  Before you enter, you can select your difficulty level.

You can either select the normal mode, or, if you are up for a challenge, the hard mode.  Though you are allowed to begin with the hard mode, it is advised that you begin with the normal mode to better understand the mechanics.

Raid- Shadow Legends game modes
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Raid: Shadow Legends’ Gold Keys

As you complete floors or levels in the Doom Tower, you will discover different keys. There are currently 2 types of keys, namely, Gold Keys and Silver Keys. Gold keys are used to clear a floor, which includes Boss Floors for the first time.

This means that you will have to pay a certain amount of Gold Keys to enter a floor in the Doom Tower for the first time. Luckily, you can obtain 10 Gold Keys every day to enter new levels of the tower. You can use these keys however you please, either in normal mode or hard mode.

Players should take note that the Key reset occurs at midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Even though it is not necessary, it is recommended that you use all of your Gold Keys before it resets for the following day, as the Keys will not build up.

Can Gold Keys be purchased?

It is worth noting that these keys work very similarly to Faction Wars. This means that you cannot purchase or obtain more keys in a day.

Luckily, failing a floor does not consume a key. This allows you to maximise rewards and attempt different strategies until you complete the floor or level.

What is the Doom Tower rotation?

As previously mentioned, the Doom Tower consists of different rotations, each of which features different bosses. The following table indicates the rotation and which bosses you will find during that time:

Rotation ·   Bosses
1 ·   Magma Dragon

·   Scarab Kind

·   Frost Spider

·   Nether Spider

2 ·   Eternal Dragon

·   Nether Spider

·   Celestial Griffin

·   Magma Dragon

3 ·   Dark Fae

·   Celestial Griffin

·   Scarab King

·   Dreadhorn

It is unclear how long each rotation will last, and when the next rotation will begin, as there is no set schedule. It is, therefore, advised that you regularly check the Doom Tower to see which rotation it is in and which bosses it offers.

Can Gold Keys unlock Secret Rooms?

Gold Keys are unable to unlock the Secret Rooms in the Doom Tower. Each difficulty features 12 unique Secret Rooms, which are very similar to regular Doom Tower floors. However, you must comply with a special condition to complete a Secret Room.

The conditions can be anything, from using specific Champions, to using only a specific Affinity. When you complete a Secret Room, you will be rewarded with Champion Fragments and Silver Keys.

Raid- Shadow Legends secret room
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Final thoughts

Raid: Shadow Legends is a fantasy-themed, exciting, turn-based video game that allows you to experience role-playing elements.

It takes place in the fantasy world of Teleria, which is now dominated by Siroth, the Dark Lord. You, as the player, are required to take on the role of an ancient Telerian warrior to defeat him and save the world.

You will discover various activities while progressing in the game, one of which is the Doom Tower. Please remember that you will only have access to this activity once you have reached level 50.

Once it is unlocked, you will receive 10 Gold Keys daily to use in the Doom Tower. You need these keys to enter a new floor in both normal mode and hard mode.

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