Raid: Shadow Legends: Astranyx the Dark Fae

Raid: Shadow Legends offers players a variety of activities, one of which is the Doom Tower, where players will have to defeat Astranyx the Dark Fae.


Raid: Shadow Legends is a popular turn-based, fantasy-themed mobile game, set in the fictional world of Teleria. However, the world has recently been taken over by the Dark Lord, Siroth. It is thus up to the players to save the world.

The game features multiple activities for players to do. However, it is recommended that they familiarise themselves with the Affinity system before they participate in one.

There are four types of distinct Affinities in the game, and players will need to have knowledge of them to be successful in battles. It is important to note that three of them exist in balance with one another. The other one offers no particular advantages or disadvantages over the others.

The following table indicates the name of each Affinity and its properties:

Name of Affinity Properties
Force (Red) This Affinity is strong against Magic but has a disadvantage against Spirit.
Magic (Blue) Magic is weak against Force Affinities; however, it has an advantage against Spirit.
Spirit (Green) Even though Spirit has an advantage against Force, it is weak against Magic.
Void (Purple) The Void Affinity features no counter, or weaknesses, against other Affinities.

Once players understand all the Affinities, they can assemble an army of Champions. The players will use their Champions for battles in castles, dungeons, temples and deserts. These areas are generally defended by various enemies.

When players first start playing Raid: Shadow Legends, they will have to play a tutorial mission to learn the gameplay. After the tutorial, they will be able to choose their first Champion.

It is important to note that there are four types of Champions: Health Point (HP), Support, Attack and Defence. Each type of Champion features distinct skills and abilities. Players should thus choose their Champion wisely.

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Players are able to collect more Champions by using Shards, which contain the souls of ancient warriors. Once they have collected the required Shards, they can summon a warrior at the in-game Summoning Portal.

It is important to remember that there are four different Shards, and each summons a different type of Champion. The following table indicates the different Shards and the rarity of warriors each Shard can summon:

Shard name Rarity of warriors
Void Shard A Void Shard has a 91 percent chance of summoning a rare Champion. Additionally, it has an eight percent chance of summoning an epic Champion, and a 0.5 percent chance for a legendary Champion.
Sacred Shard With this Shard, players stand a 94 percent chance at obtaining an epic Champion. However, it has a six percent chance to summon a legendary Champion.
Mystery Shard The Shards have a 74.2 percent chance of summoning a common Champion. Additionally, it has a 24.4 percent chance to summon an uncommon Champion, and a 1.4 percent chance to summon a rare Champion.
Ancient Shard Players have a 91.5 percent to obtain a rare Champion with this Shard, but there is an eight percent chance that it will summon an epic Champion, and a 0.5 percent chance for it to summon a legendary Champion.

Doom Tower

As mentioned above, players can participate in various in-game activities, one of which is Doom Tower. It is a 120-floor challenge that resets every month. Players will only be able to unlock this activity when they reach level 40.

Astranyx the Dark Fae (© Raid: Shadow Legends)

Each floor features three waves of different enemy Champions that players must defeat. However, every tenth floor will contain one of eight bosses, and it will be different for each rotation. One of the bosses the players can expect in rotation three is Astranyx the Dark Fae.

Raid: Shadow Legends: Astranyx the Dark Fae

It is believed that she is the ultimate Sorceress Supreme in Teleria. Astranyx has mastered the art of cloning the players’ Champions and turning them against the player.

It is important to note that these copies are exact replicas of the heroes. This means that the more powerful the team, the more powerful mirrors the players will face.

Astranyx the Dark Fae skills

In addition to the above-mentioned ability, Astranyx the Dark Fae features various skills. The following table indicates the name and description of her skills:

Name of skill Description of skill

Passive: Almighty Persistence 

All the Turn Meter reduction effects are decreased by 50 percent when used against Astranyx.

Passive: Almighty Immunity

Astranyx is immune to various debuffs, including Sleep, True Fear and Stun among others. Additionally, she is immune to health exchange effects, balancing effects and cooldown increasing effects.

Active: Faerie Storm

When activated, Astranyx attacks all enemies. However, all living allies will team up and join this attack. It has a cooldown of three.

Active: Dark Abduction 

The boss banishes one enemy Champion and spawns a mirror copy of them. It also places a fear debuff on all enemies for one turn. Additionally, it increases Astranyx Dark Energy counter by one.

Active: Dark Tendrils 

This skill steals one random buff from each enemy, according to the number of Magic Champions on the enemy team. Additionally, it steals Turn Meter from each enemy. It also has a 25 percent chance of placing a fear debuff on each enemy for one turn.

Active: Darklight Beams

Astranyx the Dark Fae attacks all enemies. However, it has a 100 percent chance of placing a Leech debuff on each enemy for two turns.

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