Raid Shadow Legends: Cursed City

Cursed City is a new monthly challenge players can complete in Raid: Shadow Legends to earn rich rewards.

The fictional world of Raid: Shadow Legends has been subjugated by Siroth, a powerful Dark Lord, and it is up to you to defeat the resurrected enemy to restore peace in Teleria.

The game’s developer, Plarium, regularly updates the game to ensure that players have the best gaming experience.

Cursed City

Plarium recently released update 8.0 which introduced an array of new features to the game, one of which is the Cursed City.

It is a monthly challenge that invites players to travel to a city filled with dangerous enemies. You have to vanquish these enemies under special, rotating conditions.

The Cursed City features 100 increasingly difficult Stages across 4 Districts, culminating in the Eclipse Tower where Amius the Lunar Archon awaits. You have the whole month to progress through all Stages and defeat Amius.

Raid Shadow Legends: Cursed City
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Once the month has concluded, the Cursed City resets and players can start the journey again to earn rewards. Remember that the Cursed City consists of various paths and players are able to choose the path they want to take.

You can advance through the Cobblemarket or head straight for Soulcross, but keep in mind that you can only traverse the city through interconnected Stages. That being said, the Cursed City changes every month, as a new rotation opens.

Keep in mind that the bosses and opponents you have to face on each Stage will not change, but the special conditions that you will encounter on each Stage will change. Before beginning the Cursed City you will be able to select a difficulty.

You can choose either the normal mode or the hard mode. Both modes open at the same time, and you can choose whichever difficulty you want to start the journey on.


The Cursed City contains 2 different keys, and each key has a specific objective and is required to complete specific activities in the new mode.

The table below lists the different keys that you have to use in the Cursed City as well as their objectives:

Key Description
Cursed City Keys These keys are similar to Doom Tower Gold Keys. You need to procure Cursed City Keys as they are required to fight in all regular, Boss, Double Boss and Awakened Stages.
Eclipse Keys Players need Eclipse Keys to fight Amius the Lunar Archon in the Eclipse Tower.  3 keys are required to enter the Eclipse Tower.

Districts in the Cursed City

This new mode has 4 districts, namely Soulcross, Deadrise, Plagueholme and Cobblemarket. Each of these districts has 25 stages through which you can progress, but it is worth noting that 6 of these stages are Boss or Double Boss Stages.

When commencing a new rotation of the new activity, gamers will always start in the Cobblemarket District.

When you have cleared the stage, you open up the possibility to move to any adjacent Stage, as long as you have the Cursed City Keys to do so.

Keep in mind that 1 Cursed City Key is required to take on a Stage. Players will earn rewards for clearing a Stage for the first time in every rotation of the new mode.

If you clear Boss Stages, you will receive Artifacts or Accessories from 2 new gear sets, Supersonic and Merciless.

Double Boss Stages

As previously mentioned, one of the stages that you can encounter in a District is a Double Boss stage. As the name implies, you have to fight 2 bosses simultaneously.

Every District has 3 Double Boss Stages, one of which will contain an Eclipse Key. Though this principle does not apply to the Soulcross district, as it does not have an Eclipse Key.

Raid: Shadow Legends players should note that the Eclipse Key’s location changes in every location, which makes it nearly impossible to determine which Double Boss Stage you have to complete to procure the key.

Amius the Lunar Archon

Once you have acquired enough Eclipse Keys you can enter the Eclipse Tower to fight Amius the Lunar Archon.

Since this is the Boss of the Cursed City, we recommend that you prepare accordingly before attempting to destroy the enemy.

If you successfully defeat Amius, you will receive Cursed Remnants as well as Artifacts or Accessories from the Merciless and Supersonic Gear Sets.

You can use the Cursed Remnants to summon Epic and Mythical Champions. This means that you can add Void Epic Champions to your collection.

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