Raid Shadow Legends: Clan Insignia

Players are now able to use the Clan Insignia Creator Tool in Raid: Shadow Legends to customize their Clan’s appearance.

Raid: Shadow Legends is an adventurous video game that invites players to immerse themselves in the fictional world of Teleria.

To progress in the game, you have to assemble an Alliance of Champions and lead them through a brutal universe with challenging dungeons, terrifying Clan Boss fights and more.

Clan Insignia

To ensure that Raid: Shadow Legends does not become repetitive, its developers, Plarium, regularly releases updates to introduce new content to the game. They recently announced that players can now enjoy the Clan Insignia feature.

This tool allows Clans to create their own custom Clan Insignia to show off to the world. This feature is available for all Clan members to experiment with, but only Clan Leaders can make and save any changes to their Clain’s Insignia.

The Clan Insignia system invites players to select the pattern, shape and symbols present on each Clan Insignia. Keep in mind that you have to select a shape and pattern, however, symbols are completely optional elements.

Players should bear in mind that the Insignia shape determines the overall shape of the Insignia.

There are several shapes that you can choose from, but we recommend that you pick your favorite shape. The pattern, on the other hand, determines the overall background pattern for your Insignia.

You are able to choose the color of your selected pattern, but keep in mind that most patterns have two colors that you can choose between.

These items are mandatory to create your Clan Insignia, however, you can choose symbols to further customize your Insignia.

Raid Shadow Legends: Clan Insignia
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Clan members can mix and match up to 6 symbols on one Clan Insignia, but before you play around with the symbols, you should understand the following customization features:

Customization feature Description
Symbol Size By selecting the + and – icons in this bar, you can increase and decrease the actual size of the symbol that you selected to appear on your Insignia.
X-axis Position If you select the +and – icons on this bar, you will move the selected symbol horizontally.
Y-axis Position You can play around with this feature to determine the best vertical position of the symbol on your Insignia.
Rotate By experimenting with this customization option, you can rotate the symbol.

Symbol details

Players should note that symbols can overlap with each other, which allows you to create a unique Clan Insignia.

The order of the symbols does matter though, as the symbols higher up on the list will overlap with the symbols listed lower on the list.

You can change the order of the symbols by using the dedicated “Reorder Symbol” arrows to move them up or down the list.

You can also click the “Delete Symbol” option, but this will remove it from both the list and the Insignia. If you delete a symbol, the symbols below it will move up one position

We therefore recommend that you do not delete any symbols but instead, use the “Reorder Symbol” feature to change the overlapping symbols.

Spooky Clan Insignia Contest

On Wednesday, 18 October 2023, Raid: Shadow Legends announced a new competition on its Facebook platform.

This competition invites players to put their artistic skills and the new Clan Insignia creator tool to the test to create a Halloween-themed Clan Insignia.

The developers will choose 15 of the most creative entries and the gamers who created those Insignias will receive 300 Gems each.

To participate in this contest, you have to create an impressive spooky Insignia with the in-game Clan Insignia Creator Tool and take a screenshot of it.

You then have to post a screenshot on the Facebook publication that announced the competition. This competition is open to everyone, not only to Clan Leaders, and it will remain open until midnight on Tuesday, 31 October 2023.

Do you have to create a Clan Insignia?

Even though the Clan Insignia Creator Tool is open for all Clan members, only the Clan Leaders can customize the Clan’s Insignia and set it as the official Insignia.

Therefore, several Clan members chose not to pay much attention to the Clan Insignia Creator Tool. However, we recommend that you create an Insignia to enter the Facebook Spooky Clan Insignia Contest.

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