Raid Shadow Legends: Anchorite

Plarium has given some players access to the Raid: Shadow Legends test server, where they can test several new Champions, including Anchorite.

Gamers can enjoy turn-based battles in this thrilling mobile game, Raid: Shadow Legends. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Teleria, which has regrettably been colonised by the Dark Lord Siroth.

As the player, you can take on the role of an ancient Telerian warrior to defeat the Dark Lord and to restore peace to the world.

To help you on your mission, you can create varying formations of Champions, each of which has unique skills and abilities. It is worth noting that your Champion’s strength and abilities are determined by their rarity. One of the Champions you can procure in the game is Anchorite, who is an epic character.

Champion rarities

There are five Champion Rarities in the game currently, each of which has a unique summoning rate. The table below lists the rarities and a description of each one:

Rarity Colour Description
Legendary Gold These are the most prestigious Champions of Teleria. They possess game-changing abilities while boasting impressive base statistics
Epic Purple Epic Champions bring impressive statistics to your army and come with excellent moment-to-moment utility and stellar combat abilities
Rare Blue Rare Champions are your peak performers in the early stages of the game
Uncommon Green They will most likely form the backbone of your army early on, but they are quickly outgrown once you collect Rare heroes
Common Grey With a few exceptions, these Champions are your early game fodders

Raid Shadow Legends: Anchorite

The game’s developer, Plarium, occasionally introduces new features, content, and Champions for players to collect. With patch 5.80, Plarium gave content creators access to the Raid: Shadow Legends Test Server.

Raid Shadow Legends: Anchorite
© Plarium

It featured a whole range of new Champions to play around with. One of the heroes content creators were able to test is Anchorite, who assumes the role of a supporter on the battlefield. Anchorite is a Spirit Champion and is part of the Sacred Order faction.

Even though he is an Epic Hero, some players believe that he is one of the best Champions in the game. Like other Champions, Anchorite has unique skills and abilities that can be used to defeat enemies on the battlefield:

Skill Description
Warm embrace Anchorite attacks all enemies while healing the ally with the lowest health points by 10 percent of the damage inflicted
Prayer of Prowess The Champion removes 1 random debuff from all allies then increases the duration of all ally buffs by 1 turn
Sacred Trust Anchorite fully heals the ally target before placing a 30 percent increase critical rate buff and an increased critical damage buff on all allies for 2 turns
Aura He increases ally health points in all battles by 25 percent

Anchorite’s base statistics

Every Champion in the game has an array of statistics, which are determined by their rarity. The rarer your Champion is, the better their statistics are. The table below lists Anchorite’s statistics:

Statistic Quantity
Accuracy 0
Resist 30
Critical damage 50 percent
Critical rate 15 percent
Speed 103
Defence 980
Attack 1046
Health points 19 155

How to acquire Anchorite

It is crucial to note that Anchorite has not been released on the global server, but he is expected to be released in the near future. Once he is added to the game, players can acquire him through the Portal in their Bastion.

However, you first have to acquire Shards, which are special crystals that you can find while playing the game. Shards come in different types, and each one can drop Champions of varying rarities. To obtain a Champion from a Shard, you need to invest a set amount of Silver.

Every Shard also presents a certain probability that you will find a Champion of a different rarity. Since an Anchorite is an Epic Hero, you have an 8 percent chance of acquiring him using Ancient and Void Shards. However, if you use a Sacred Shard, you have a 94 percent chance of summoning him.

Anchorite’s Affinity

Even if the Affinity system seems like a simple feature, it plays an essential role in Raid: Shadow Legends. This is because it functions as a counter and strength system. There are 4 types of Affinity in the game, and 3 of them share a rock-paper-scissors relationship.

Since Anchorite has the Spirit Affinity, he can easily beat Force Champions, but he has a disadvantage against Magic heroes.

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