Raid Shadow Legends: 5th anniversary Quiz Answers

Raid: Shadow Legends players can now answer 7 questions during a quiz, however, every question only has 1 correct answer.

Raid: Shadow Legends is currently honoring its 5th anniversary and to celebrate this milestone, you can participate in the Festival of Creation event.

Players will also be able to add Armanz the Magnificent to your Champion Collection. He is an expert fortune teller, lute player, magician and showman, but he is only available through a dedicated Fusion event.

To enhance player engagement, Plarium is hosting a quiz which consists of 7 questions. According to the description, you can try your luck against Armanz’s devilishly difficult quiz questions as many times as you like.

Raid Shadow Legends: 5th anniversary Quiz Answers
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Although there are 7 questions in every quiz, you only have to answer 5 of Armanz’s questions correctly to be rewarded. Although Armanz is the official host for this quiz, it tests your knowledge of the game’s vast lore and character lineup.

You can therefore expect to answer questions about items, lore snippets, descriptions, silhouettes and Champion skills.

Players should note that you will only receive the quiz’s rewards once, however, if you have more than 1 account, you can earn rewards for every account. Keep in mind that you can only complete the quiz until Sunday, 31 March 2024.

If you successfully answered 5 questions correctly, you can claim the rewards from your RAID inbox on Tuesday, 2 April 2024.


In order to earn rich rewards, you have to answer 5 questions correctly. Since the questions are randomly generated, it is impossible to know which questions you will receive.

However, the following table lists the answers for each category:

Category Answers
  • Rat: Ultimate Death Knight
  • A cleric-type chest plate with white crosses: Roshcard
  • A shield with a stag: Stag Knight
  • Purple witch hat: Madame Serris
  • Multiple Tails: Yumeko
  • Dagger through someone’s heart: Wythir
Lore Snippets and Descriptions
  • Champion who met Athel: Inquisitor Shamael
  • Orphan Discovered by Aniri: Athel
  • Outstanding at frustrating: Taras
  • Their father, Duran: Gnut
  • Outstanding tank, unique passive: Ursuga
  • Leaning on royal aunt: Elhain
  • Army fell upon Kaerok: Artak
  • Takes no prisoner: Samson
  • Careful, freeze: Gurgoh
  • Enigma: Kael:
  • Raised in a world of violence: Galek
  • Spear with feathers on the shaft: Arbiter
  • Horns and some type of polearm: Scyl
  • Tail, staffL Sun Wukong
  • Shield, spear: Athel
  • Wings, sword: Cardiell
  • Bow: Elhain
  • Bomb debuffs placed by this champion are replaced with protected poison debuffs upon removal: Gnishak
  • Remove all buffs from allies and enemies then attack all enemies: Seer
  • If target max HP is more than double this: Acrizia


Only players who answered 5 questions correctly will be rewarded after the anniversary event concludes. Keep in mind that you can complete the quiz as many times as you want to answer 5 questions correctly.

On Tuesday, 2 April 2024, you will earn 250 Multi-Battles, 500 Energy, 1 Legendary Skill Tome, 1 Experience Point Barrel and 1 5-star Chicken through your in-game mail if you answered enough questions correctly.

These items can help you progress in the game as you will gain in-game advantages. With a good strategy and knowledge about the game, you can maximize your performance and gain from every trivia opportunity.

How to complete the quiz

The quiz cannot be found in the game. Instead, you will find a link to the quiz  in the game. Alternatively you can open the website directly on your web-browser to answer the questions.

On the website, you will notice a red icon which reads “Start Quiz” and if you click on it, you will begin Armanz’s quiz.

Every question has 4 possible answers, however, only 1 answer is correct. Although there is a range of questions, every quiz only consists of 7 questions. This essentially means that the questions that you have to answer are randomly generated.

After submitting an answer, you will be notified whether your answer is correct or not. If your answer is correct, the entire bar will flash green, however, if it is incorrect, the bar will flash red.

Restarting the quiz

If you did not answer 5 questions correctly, you will be able to retake the quiz once you have answered all 7 questions.

Raid: Shadow Legends players can complete the quiz as many times as they would like in order to answer 5 questions correctly.

Keep in mind that you can only claim the rewards once per account. If you answer 5 questions correctly, you do not have to retake the quiz and can claim the rewards once they are released.

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