Ragnarok X: Next Generation Server Launch!

Ragnarok Online X: Next Generation is launching today, June 18, 2021, at 12 PM GMT +7. If you live in GMT +8 timezone, that is equivalent to 1 PM today.

If you pre-registered, you will get a notification from Google Play. Additionally, if you toggle the option to automatically download the game when launched, Google Play will install it as soon as it is available.

rox notice board
This notice board will pop up the first time you open ROX app.

After downloading the game, you can open the ROX app and create a character. You can also choose and select from the following servers:

Server nameChannels available
Demon’s Castle
Golden Lava
Sealed Island
Temple of Dawn
Rose Red
Golden Route
Kingdom of Freedom
Silent Ship
Boulders and Horns
Incense Pavilion
Exquisite Pond
Tome of Glory
Strouf Treasury
Green Tranquil Pond
Crystal Waterfall
OdinCentral Plains
Wind of Blessing
Royal Instrument
Opera Phantom

This sub-server (channel) names are weird

I can’t even think how devs named their channels. I mean, what does “Boulders and Horns” even means?

Please note that you can’t login to any server until 1PM.


What time is the ROX server launch?

ROX servers will launch at 12 PM GMT +7

What time is 12 PM GMT +7 in GMT +8?

1 PM

Can we jump to other server with our character later on? or we stuck on that server?

You are stuck in the sub-server (channel)

How to download ROX for emulators?

Just go to Google Play and search for ROX app. Also, make sure that the game is already launched so you can search it.

What level to see the Odin’s blessing icon?

Around levels 20 to 25

5 thoughts on “Ragnarok X: Next Generation Server Launch!”

  1. Hi. Thank you for a nice website about ROX. Do you know when ROX Vietnam will be launched? I know its in early september, but when is the exact date?
    Nuverse is the publisher ROX Sea. Do you know whos the publisher in Vietnam?
    Thank you very much in advance. ????

    • You are most welcome. The exact release date for ROX in Vietnam is 1 September 2021. We believe that the game in Vietnam will be handled by Nuverse – given their current success in the SEA region up to this point, but then as you know the ROX title has a whole complex structure for localisation — between Gravity Co, Beijing Zhaoxiguangnian, Nuverse, etc. — so in many ways, your guess is as good mine on this one.


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