Queen’s Blade Limit Break: Tier List

Some characters in Queen’s Blade: Limit Break are considered better than others due to their abilities and statistics.

Queen’s Blade: Limit Break features characters from the original game, Queen’s Blade Unlimited, as well as some new characters which are exclusive to the game.

Since there are more than 30 characters in the game, it can be difficult to know which characters are considered the best and which are regarded as the worst characters in the game.

A tier list consists of different ranks, and the SS-tier generally indicates the best heroes in the game. Players should attempt to collect these heroes as soon as possible if they are interested in vanquishing the strongest opponents.

The S-tier, on the other hand, is seen as the main building block for teams. Players should therefore use an SS-tier character with S-tier heroes to build their teams and defeat enemies.

The A-tier contains solid, useful Warriors who are either outclassed by the upper tiers or only have niche uses.

We recommend that early-game and mid-game players use the A-tier characters as they are powerful and easily obtainable.

It is worth noting not all Warriors in Queen’s Blade: Limit Break are ranked according to their power. You may therefore get characters which are not listed in the tier list.

Even if they are not featured in a tier list, it does not mean you should not use them in a team to defeat enemies.

That being said, we recommend that you do not use any non-Elite Warriors as they are not considered powerful enough for endgame content.


The SS-Tier lists the best characters in Queen’s Blade, however, each of them is on the list for a specific reason. The best characters in the game are outlined below:

Name Description
Melona She can assume all the positions in a team. You can therefore use her as a tank, support and damage dealer. She is considered the best hero in the game.
Vulko Players can use her in player-versus-player as she deals a lot of area-of-effect damage.
Tomoe Tomoe can counter many of the SS and tier heroes.
Reula Although she is considered one of the best characters in the game, she struggles against the popular Curse team.
Allica When paired with Aranea, she is one of the best monster hunting characters.
Jubei She has extreme team utility as she is able to reduce enemy defense.
Kaguya Kaguya is well-rounded with a heavy-hitting Ultimate. If she is not destroyed during the early turns, she can easily become unstoppable.


As previously mentioned, the S-tier characters are the main building blocks of your team. The table below lists a description of each S-tier Warrior:

Name Description
Melodia She is known for her Critical, defensive and healing abilities. Keep in mind that she requires more investment than other warriors.
Bloom Bloom greatly increases a team’s survivability . She counters revive punisher while providing CC, shield and utility.
Aldra She has access to some of the best fixed damage techniques. She punishes multi-attackers and weakens her enemy’s healing and its attacks.
Sakine Sakine is able to keep enemies out of the game long enough for your team to land a decisive strike.
Captain Liliana She is considered the best free champion in the game. She is extremely versatile and can fill multiple roles due to her well-designed kit.

A-Tier Warriors

As previously explained, the A-tier Warriors are either outclassed by the upper tiers or they have niche uses. They are extremely useful during the early-game and mid-game phases.

The following table lists some of the A-tier Warriors that you can obtain:

Name Description
Philia She is a versatile champion with a combination of support, tanking, CC and damage.
Cygnus Several players underestimate this special summon warrior’s abilities.
Anarista When you use this warrior, you should avoid 1 stack of CC every 2 turns.
Annelotte She can remove debuffs from your entire team and apply them on your opponents.
Wisteria Wisteria is an excellent choice for healing and crit boosting in a Break team.

Character recommendations

During the early-game phase, you will be able to clear content no matter which warriors you use.

You should therefore not be too concerned about your team, but when you reach the mid-game phase, we recommend that you focus on the warriors you use.

Players should focus on obtaining 2-3 strong Warriors that they can invest in. We recommend that you first obtain a Warrior then a Mage and Lastly Tank.

When you build a team, you should use 3 Damage Dealers, including Mages and Warriors. You can complete your team with a Healer and a Tank.

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