Purrfect Tale: How to unlock kitchen

You can enjoy various rooms in Purrfect Tale, one of which is the kitchen, however, it can only be unlocked once you have gained access to the yard.


Purrfect Tale is an exciting mobile game that allows players to raise virtual cats and dogs in their own home. It is also a fascinating comic book about a girl and her cat that has the ability to transform into a human.

The book is divided into multiple acts that have numerous chapters. Since it is an interactive game, you will have to complete specific tasks and solve puzzles to complete a chapter in the book. Subsequently, you will progress in the story and unlock new rooms for your animals to enjoy.

act 1 Purrfect Tale
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What is the objective of the activities?

According to science, the objective of having several activities is to offer players assorted content. This will increase the chance that different players find something they enjoy in the game. Purrfect Tale’s activities are simple and relaxing, which makes it a great escape for players with busy lifestyles.

Even though the activities are simple, they ensure that the game does not become mundane. It increases the immersion of the game, which makes the imaginary world feel more alive. Some activities will initially be locked, but you can unlock them as you progress in the game. This is a way of motivating players to play the game for longer periods of time to unlock additional activities.

Purrfect Tale: How to unlock the kitchen

There are several rooms in your home that you can decorate according to your preference. Keep in mind that some of the rooms may initially be locked when you start playing the game. Luckily, you will unlock and gain access to them once you have met the specific requirements for doing so.

One of the rooms that you can unlock is the kitchen, which contains multiple appliances that you can use to cook food. It is worth noting that each appliance has specified requirements that have to be met before you can use it.

The following table lists the appliances and their requirements:

Appliance Requirements
Stock pot ·   Unlock 10 dishes

·   Unlock wok

Frying pan ·   Unlock stock pot

·   Unlock 18 dishes

Bamboo steamer ·   Unlock the yard
Wok ·   Unlock bamboo steamer
bamboo steamer Purrfect Tale
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Players who want to unlock the kitchen must first unlock the yard. Though, it is noteworthy that unlocking these features may take some time.


Once you have unlocked the kitchen and its appliances, you can make various recipes. Some of the recipes you can make in the kitchen are:

Appliance Meal name Ingredients
Bamboo steamer pot Vegetarian spring rolls ·   Flour

·   Egg

·   Carrot

Bamboo steamer pot Salmon rice ball ·   Fish

·   Flour

Cooking wok Braised pork ·   Potato

·   Pork

Cooking wok Yangzhou fried rice ·   Scallion

·   Egg

·   Carrot

Stockpot Dumpling ·   Flour

·   Pork

·   Carrot

Stockpot Oden ·   Corn

·   Fish

·   Flour

Frying pan Omelette ·   Flour

·   Egg

·   Scallion

Frying pan Dough stick pancake ·   Flour

·   Egg

Purrfect Tale recipes
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Where to find ingredients

You first have to get ingredients before you can cook anything in the kitchen. The following table lists some of the ingredients you will need and where you can find them:

Ingredient Where to find them
· Vinegar

· Soy Sauce

· Oil

· Sugar

· Scallion

· Pepper

· Fish Can only be found in fishponds from the yard store
· Milk Players can find it in cow sheds from the yard store
· Eggs It is found in the chicken coops from the yard store
· Pork You can get this ingredient from pigsties from the yard
· Carrot Found in carrot fields from the yard
· Tomato Can only be found in tomato fields from the yard
· Flour Players can get four from the wheat fields from the yard
· Potato You can find potatoes from the potato field in the yard

How does the journal feature work?

The game consists of numerous acts for you to complete. To initiate this feature, you have to select the journal tab on the main screen of the game, here, you will find different acts and multiple chapters. You should begin with replay, which is chapter 1 in Act 1.

It is worth noting that everything is interactive, which means that you have to do all the tasks physically. This includes scrolling on the phone, adding items to the shopping cart, and eating food. Furthermore, you may also have to solve some puzzles. Luckily, the game offers you hints when you get stuck.

Final thoughts

Purrfect Tale is an imaginative mobile game that invites you to raise virtual cats and dogs in your own home. The game also features a fascinating comic book about a girl and her cat, which has the ability to transform into a human.

Your house has many different rooms, one of which is the kitchen. To unlock the kitchen, you first have to gain access to the yard.

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