Punishing Gray Raven Beginner’s Guide

Punishing: Gray Raven is a mobile hack and slash game that requires stamina to play. You play as a commander in a post-apocalyptic world as you lead the fight against creatures plagued by cybernetic viruses named “Punishing”. It infects all kinds of living creatures and machines to cause destruction around the world.

The game is currently available in Taiwan, China, and Japan, and was released globally on July 16, 2021. Punishing: Gray Raven will be available for iOS and Android devices when it is released.

System Requirements

The visuals in Gray Raven are similar to those in Genshin Impact. Here you can find recommended and minimum requirements for playing smoothly.

Minimum Requirements

CPU Snapdragon 660Kirin 710Exynos 8895Helio X30
ROM 7 GB (APK + OBB Files)

Recommended Requirements

CPU Snapdragon 855+, 855, 845, 835, 821, 820, 730, 812, 710, 675, 670, 665Kirin 990, 980, 970, 960, 810Exynos 9825, 9820, 9810Helio G90, P90
ROM 7 GB (APK + OBB Files)

You will receive 30 FPS with minimum hardware while 60 FPS will be displayed with the recommended hardware.

Game Modes

Punishing: Gray Raven has 4 game modes.

  1. Story
  2. Extra
  3. Event
  4. Competitive

Story Mode

Story is the main source of Black Cards (BC) income for the early game. The story mode allows you to enjoy lore and gameplay as you progress. 

In story mode, you can farm both character fragments and black cards. Aside from that, low level characters under recommended CP levels can also clear the story mode.

Extra Mode

The Extra mode features a special challenge where you earn BC and other materials at the same time that characters with low CPs can clear the story mode.

It is possible to get permanent buffs after clearing stages such as “Border Contract”. You should wait until you have an experience in the game, a high DPS team and decent gear before attempting Strong Hold.

Event Mode

The event stage is where you can farm those upgraded materials and consciousness. The entire point of spending stamina in events is that you can pick whatever you want – meaning you don’t have to farm random materials.

As soon as your A-rank character is unlocked, purchase 30 frags. Every update will challenge your team composition as a new boss will be added.

Competitive Mode

In competitive mode, you can also farm Black Card (BC). You should try to finish the Black Card Stage every week after reaching the endgame as the reward is the same for everyone.

There are two types of competitive mode: Warzone and Phantom Pain Cage.


Warzone has two random stages each week with different weather. Players are scored based on how much wave they can clear and how much HP remaining at the end of each wave.

Getting high rank in leaderboard will get more currency to buy cons and affix selector.

Phantom Pain Cage

Players can play only five matches in Phantom Pain Cage because it has three random bosses every week.

The score is based on the number of waves the player cleared and the amount of health they had left at the end of a stage.

  • There are five levels of difficulty for each boss, and the total score is based on these five levels.
  • S-rank fragment can be purchased more easily by high ranking players.
  • F2P players can reach SS rank in this mode.

Character Class

‘Constructs’ are the characters of this game. They are the last result of bionics and also a hope of humanity against the ‘Punishing’ virus.

There are three main classes of characters:

  • B-class
  • A-class
  • S-class
  • SS-class
  • SSS-class
  • SSS+-class

You can rank up each rank to SS, SSS, and SSS+.

Ranking Characters

Each class has the same rank up fragment requirements, i.e. Note: 60 pulls for base S-rank and 10 pulls for base A-class.

  • A-class Lucia and S-class Lucia
    • B-class upgrade to A-class = 10 frags
    • A-class upgrade to S-class = 20 frags
    • S-class upgrade to SS-class = 30 frags / 1 duplicate / 60 pulls 
    • SS-class upgrade to SSS-class = 90 frags / 3 duplicates / 180 pulls
    • SSS-class upgrade to SSS+-class = 180 frags / 6 duplicates / 360 pulls

Character Type

There are three main character types in Punishing: Gray Raven:

  • Support – healer, increase team ATK, damage and resistance
  • DPS – they are the main damage dealer
  • Armored – increases damage for a short time, reduces resistance, and debuffs enemies.

Character Level

Character levels and commander levels are separate. Leveling up unlocks more game content. The maximum level of a commander is 120, while the maximum level of a character is 80.

The commander level affects the following:

  • The Phantom Pain Cage and your Warzone ranking.
  • The maximum level of your character
  • Earn more rewards from your leaderboard ranking
  • Provides access to new game modes and content.

Damage Type

Gray Raven deals two types of damage:

  • Physical Damage
    • Critical
    • Shield bar can reduce it
    • Reduced by physical resistance and damage resistance
    • ATK stat, ATK percentage, damage percentage, and physical damage percentage can all be used to increase physical damage
  • Elemental Damage
    • Crits do not apply to elemental damage.
    • Shield bar is ignored
    • Damage are reduced by elemental and damage resistance
    • Elemental damage can be increased by ATK stat, ATK%, damage%, and physical damage%


Weapons and armor are ranked according to their rarity.


Weapons from 4-star to 2-star are considered useless in Punishing: Gray Raven. 

The 5-star weapon can be used just fine until you upgrade to the 6-star weapon for DPS characters.

  • Ascension of a 5-star weapon is not recommended since material ascension is quite rare and used a lot, better to ascend a 6-star weapon.
  • 5-star weapons are the perfect choice for Support characters. Unless you want to compete, there is no sense in wasting BC on 6-star weapons.

6-star Weapon Affix

Your six-star weapon can also have an affix in addition to its upgrade level. Although it is quite expensive because you have to upgrade any 6-star gacha weapon in order to do so.

In reality, the upgrade is just an unlock slot that can later be used to select an affix skill. This is not a random feature, but it is for those who wish to compete. This will make your character very different from your competitors.

If you have duplicate weapons, keeping them in your main DPS weapon such as Alpha or Raven is more efficient than converting to currency and buying unneeded weapons since the costs are 3:1, which makes it ineffective.

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