Punishing Gray Raven: Best Memory for Luna

The Memories you can equip Luna within Punishing: Gray Raven are Darwin and Flamel, which are considered some of the best Memories in the game.

Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) is an exciting mobile game that combines action features with role-playing elements. The game’s story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by corrupted cybernetic enemies, which was caused by the Punishing Virus.

You are invited to assume the role of the Commandant of an elite squad of Constructs to restore peace and harmony to the world. The game allows players to control a squad of up to 3 characters, otherwise known as Constructs, to battle enemies. The battles are hack and slash action-based, while storytelling is presented in a visual novel format.

Every character in the game possesses unique skills and abilities to help them defeat enemies on the battlefield. One of the characters you can collect in the game is Luna, who can be equipped with a range of Memories.


Memories are a unique type of equipment that Compositors and Constructs use. Also known as consciousness chips, Memories are used to store the minds of deceased historical heroes as data. When equipped, Memories provide an array of statistics and effects that improve a Construct’s performance on the battlefield.

Equipping Memories on a character utilises a 6-slot grid. Every Memory has 6 numbered versions of itself, which can only be equipped into their corresponding slot on the grid. The top row of the grid is reserved for Memories that offer health and critical hit while the bottom row grants defence and attack power.

Punishing Gray Raven: Best Memory for Luna

As previously stated, one of the Constructs you can acquire in Punishing: Gray Raven is Luna, who is a powerful Assault hero. Similarly to other characters, Luna has an array of skills, abilities, statistics, and specialities.

Punishing Gray Raven: Best Memory for Luna
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These features can be boosted by equipping Memories, and although you can equip any Memory on Luna, it is not recommended that you do so.

It is important to note that some Memories are a better fit for certain Constructs. Thus it is advised that you equip Luna with a 4-piece Flamel set, and a 2-piece Darwin set. The following table outlines each Memory set’s effects:

Set Effect
Darwin ·   2-piece set: For every orb pinged, this set provides damage bonuses that are increased by 3 percent for 4 seconds. It can be stacked up to 5 times

·   4-piece set: It records the colour of Signal Orbs pinged, and when all 3 colours are recorded, it unleashes a 12 meter shockwave that deals 600 percent physical damage

Flamel ·   2-piece set: All attack and dark damage is increased by 5 percent

·   4-piece set: In Annihilation Mode, dark damage and signature skill damage is increased by 30 percent. Every Annihilation Orb consumed grants 10 Energy

Players should bear in mind that Annihilation Mode is a feature that is unique to Luna. This means that other characters do not benefit from its effects. Memories are quite similar to weapons, as they can be enhanced, overclocked, and resonated.

Memory overclocking

Overclocking is the ability to increase the level limit on your Constructs’ Memories, but it can only be done after you have fully enhanced the character’s memory to level limit.

When this is done, a notification will appear on your screen that displays the activation of overclocking. It is noteworthy that the enhanced screen changes to an overclock screen, which displays a wide range of information.

4-star-character Memories can only be overclocked 3 times, while 5-star and 6-star Memories can be overclocked 4 times.

Memory resonance

You can resonate your Memories or weapons using duplicates to strengthen a particular item. However, 4-star Memories cannot be resonated. To resonate Memories, you need the same piece of the Memory you want to resonate, before going to the “Resonance” section.

Here, you can click on the add button to move on to the next menu. You can then select the Memory you want to resonate and complete the process.

Are the Darwin and Flamel Memories the best in the game?

Every Memory in Punishing: Gray Raven is divided into distinctive star rankings. The 2-star Memories are seen as below average, while 6-star Memories are the best in the game. Both Darwin and Flamel are rated 6-stars, which means that they are regarded as the best Memories you can use on your characters.

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