PSO2 NGS: Xiemi

Xiemi is an ARKS Technology Development Member and can be found during PSO2: NGS’ Autumn 2022 event.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is a thrilling video game that combines strategic role-playing elements with tactical battles.

You can join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation to defeat the DOLLS, which are a powerful enemy.

The game takes place approximately 1000 years after the Oracle events on Halpha, which is a vast open world. In addition to completing the main quests, players can also enjoy several activities and occasional in-game events.

During the Autumn 2022 event, players can complete tasks for Xiemi in order to earn rewards.

In-game events

When an in-game event is active, players can experience PSO2: NGS in a new, thrilling way for a limited period of time. These occasional events motivate gamers to reopen and play a game that they may have been neglecting for some time previously.

You generally have to complete tasks and objectives in an event to earn rewards. Sometimes, the items that you get from an event can only be acquired from that event.

Therefore, you should attempt to participate in every in-game event, though this  is not always possible.

PSO2: NGS’ events occasionally have themes that correspond to real-life events. In the Autumn 2022 event, players can experience Central City and Region Mags with colourful fall foliage.

PSO2 NGS: Xiemi

The Autumn 2022 limited-time event commenced on 2 November 2022, and it will conclude on 6 December 2022. In this time, Central City and Region Mags will have colourful fall foliage.

Players can also discover a new non-player character, Xiemi, who is the host of the event.

PSO2 NGS: Xiemi
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Xiemi is an ARKS Technology Development Member, and players can find her near the stage in Retem City, or just outside the center building in Aelio’s Central City.

If you interact with Xiemi, she will give you tasks that require that you collect specific items.

Players have to collect Greenealcite and Autumnearlis,which are 2 new materials that were added to PSO2: NGS for the limited-time Autumn 2022 event.

These materials can be exchanged for a variety of items at the exchange shop, which is unlocked by completing Xiemi’s tasks.

Greenealcite can be acquired from the Season Stellar Pack Trials, or you can harvest it from the world. This material can be traded at the Exchange Shop for colour variant versions of the Relik series, Weapon Camos, and other items.

You may also discover the higher-grade version of Greenealcite, called Bluefullcite. Moreover, Autumnearlis can be obtained from Seasonal Enemies.

Players can use Autemnearlis to purchase Augment Capsules and other items. Autumnearlis also has a higher-grade version called Autumnlatis.

In order to complete Xiemi’s tasks, you have to acquire a specific quantity of each material. After you get the materials, you can complete the quest by talking to Xiemi, however, some players are experiencing a bug.

Xiemi’s bug

Some PSO2: NGS players are experiencing a bug when they attempt to complete Xiemi’s quests.

Players would allegedly have, for instance, 5 Autumnearlis, but Xiemi only requires 2, yet Xiemi refuses to take the materials , claiming that you do not have enough of the material in your inventory.

This is a known bug, and the developers are working to resolve this issue. However, players have also discovered that when Xiemi asks for Autumnlatis, she is actually asking for Greenealcite.

If you are experiencing this bug, you should offer Xiemi Greenealcite and not Autumnlatis in order to complete the quest.

Xiemi will only request Autumnlatis at a later stage of the questline.

Does Xiemi sell items?

Players have to complete Xiemi’s tasks to unlock the Autumn 2022 limited-time event exchange shop. It noteworthy that Xiemi does not sell the items.

Instead, you have to open the seasonal item shop and exchange your Autumnlatis and Greenealcite for the items that you want.

Players can also procure seasonal points during an event to exchange them for items. It is important to note that each item costs a specific number of seasonal points. Some of the items that you can acquire are as follows:

Item Cost
Autumn 2022 SP Scratch Ticket 1000 seasonal points
Mag Form/ Maplon Minimo 5000 seasonal points
Alpha Reactor Earring 5000 seasonal points
20 Star Gems 500 seasonal points

Seasonal enemies

During a seasonal event, like the Autumn 2022 event, unique enemy variants will spawn with modified designs and alternative weaknesses.

When you defeat a seasonal enemy, you will get seasonal points and additional rewards, based on the season. In this case, you will earn Autemnearlis when you defeat a seasonal enemy.

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