PSO2 NGS Classes

In Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, you can choose a class after you create a character. You can also change classes while you’re playing so you can choose which class suits your playstyle.

The class in PSO2 NGS is set to main class and subclass.

Main Class

– Can equip weapons of the selected class and use the corresponding PA techniques and class skills. Class skills dedicated to the main class can only be activated in the main class.

Sub Class

– By choosing a subclass, players are able to use weapons from that subclass and you can also combine two different weapons into something called, multi-weapon.

– Multi-weapon allows multiple weapon attacks to be used from a single pallet.

– An example is a hunter can use both a sword and an assault rifle and a force can mix rod and knuckle attacks.

– However, the weapon attacks (both normal attacks and PA) and techniques that are available in the subclass will reduce the damage by about 8%.

– Class skills can be used except for those dedicated to the main class. Some class skills are also less effective than the main class.

– The experience points obtained in the subclass are set to 25% of the experience points obtained in the main class.

– The level increase in the subclass is up to 5Lv lower than the current level upper limit.

There are six different classes in PSO2 NGS, they are:

Hunter Ranger Force
Fighter Gunner Techer
There are six different classes to choose from.

With subclasses being available, there are so many combinations that you can try that fit your game style. Don’t forget to mix and match main and subclasses, remember that you can always change classes if you don’t prefer that class.