PSO2 NGS: What is the best subclass for Waker?

If your main class is Waker in PSO2: NGS, you should select “Force” as your subclass.

You can test your tactical abilities in this adventurous video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). It is up to you to join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation and vanquish enemies.

Before you can do that, you have to choose a character class. One of the is Waker, and many players have wondered what the best subclass is for Waker.

What is a subclass?

Subclasses benefit your main class with 3 major benefits, which are determined by the subclass that you select. Once your character reaches level 20, you will be able to accept the Subclass License quest, which allows you to choose your subclass.

As you gain experience points, your subclass’ level will increase and you will unlock additional skills, buffs, and many other benefits. A subclass provides your character with 20 percent of its statistics in addition to your main class’s statistics.

You also have access to the subclass’s skill tree, which allows you to upgrade attacks, damage, and defences based on your chosen class.

PSO2 NGS: What is the best subclass for Waker?

PSO2: NGS recently introduced the Waker class into the game, which is considered a reimagined version of the Summoner class from Phantasy Star Online 2. Unlike the Summoner class, the Waker class does not use Pets, but it uses creatures known as Familiars.

Instead of depending on direct combat, Wakers specialise in summoning Familiars to perform attacks. Every Familiar has unique combat abilities, which gives the Waker extensive control over their performance during battle.

They also have a variety of skills that boost survivability, such as Retro Friends Rescue. This skill yields health points based on a certain percentage. On the other hand, Welfare Management reduces damage on top of boosting Restasigne heals.

Although the Waker already has impressive spellcasting abilities and offence through their Familiars, the Force subclass allows the character to fully benefit from the Waker’s offensive capabilities.

The Force subclass’s photon point conversion, photon point recovery boost, and eradication photon point gain, can provide the Waker with a constant photon point supply.

This secures rotations without many interruptions. If you select Force as your Waker’s subclass, you will get benefits. However, it is important to note that you do not have to choose the Force as the Waker’s subclass.

Players can experiment with subclasses to find the one that best suits their playstyle. It is alleged that you can also select the Gunner subclass which has many specifications.

If you are interested in doing Purple Triggers, you have to select the Bouncer subclass, as it does a lot of damage to enemies.

Can you change your subclass?

Like with main classes, you can freely switch to any of the subclasses. However, you cannot select the class that is currently your main class. In order to change your subclass, you have to go to Central City where you will find a vendor named Croche.

Croche is the Class Counter rep, and she can help players with any class-related matters. At her counter, you can change your classes, reset your skill trees, change loadouts, and learn class skills, among other things.

You simply have to select a new subclass and click on the “Confirm” tab to complete the process. Players can change their subclasses regularly to fit their playstyle.

Can you use Force’s weapons as a Waker?

Unfortunately, PSO2: NGS players cannot use their subclass’ weapons. This means that you are limited to using your main class’s weapons. As a Waker, you should use a Harmonizer weapon, which is a technique weapon that can be used both as a close-ranged and long-ranged weapon.

Harmonizers cannot use any Techniques like Force and Techter but they can adapt to all kinds of situations using Familiars.

There are different types of weapon sets from which you can acquire a Harmonizer. Each weapon set gives your character unique abilities and effects.

Benefits from the Force class

If you select Force as your subclass, you can use its class skills, photon arts, pet PAs, and techniques.

Force is geared towards long-range combat, as they use Techniques to assault the enemy from a distance. By making use of a variety of Techniques, Force characters can exploit an enemy’s Elemental Weaknesses.

Some of the Force’s skills that you can use are:

Skill name Description
PP Conversion It decreases your maximum health points for a set time in exchange for an increased natural Photon Point recovery speed
PP Recovery Boost It increases natural photon point recovery
Eradication PP Gain Recovers your photon points when enemies nearby are defeated or downed

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