PSO2 NGS: Version 2

The latest PSO2: NGS Headline revealed that version 2 of the game will be released in June 2023, and it contains exciting new features.

Players can test their strategic abilities in this explorative video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: new Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

Since you are part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organization, you have to team up with a mysterious ally to destroy enemies. PSO2: NGS’s developer, Sega, recently released a major update, which introduces PSO2: NGS version 2.

PSO2: NGS Headline #23

Headline is a livestream on PSO2: NGS’s official YouTube page. It is quite similar to a news broadcast as it is hosted by NGS’s official navigator, Hiro Arai.

The latest Headline, which took place on Tuesday, 25 April 2023, revealed that many new features will be added to the game.

You can enjoy 2 types of Revival AC Scratch Tickets, apart from 2 of the NGS 2nd Anniversary events, and participate in AC Scratch Ticket: Designer Dreams May ‘23.

During the second part of the Anniversary event, you can obtain new accessories, acquire additional 2nd Anniversary Scratch Tickets and complete several limited-time quests.

PSO2 NGS: Version 2

The latest Headline revealed that version 2 of PSO2:NGS will be released on Wednesday, 7 June 2023 . This Ultra Evolution update introduces additional creative spaces which allow players to create their own space in PSO2: NGS.

PSO2 NGS: Version 2
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You can use materials to build a home. This new mechanic allows you to rotate, enlarge, shrink and even change the color of the available materials. Since buildings can be registered as blueprints, you can duplicate them and construct towns.

Furthermore, you can place Holograms almost everywhere, including in the city, Trainia, Combat Sectors, Exploration Sectors and more.

Players can also place their own Holograms to enjoy a new means of interacting with other players. Furthermore, you can apply your stamps to different places in PSO2: NGS, which creates a fun environment, as other players will be able to see it.

Version 2 also introduces a new character customization feature to PSO2: NGS that allows you to apply Cel Shading to your characters, so you can create more anime-like characters. However, gamers can also apply this look to non-player characters (NPCs).

It is worth noting that the Cel Shading option can be disabled in your settings, so that, if you are not a fan of the new character feature, you can simply disable it.

This will affect how other characters and NPCs appear in PSO2: NGS, as they will no longer have Cel Shading.

Headline also announced that the Ultra Evolution Update will add new enemy species to the game. The official description reads, “The ARKS struggle against this new enemy standing in their way. It can strengthen itself and other nearby enemies, so take this enemy down to gain the upper hand in battle!”

Why is version 2 only releasing in June 2023?

When Sega announces a new update for PSO2: NGS, the game is temporarily taken down, which means that players are unable to access the game.

During the down time, developers add the new features to the game. Moreover, most of the regular updates are quite small and therefore, they do not require a lot of development and down time.

However, version 2 is a huge update which will require more development. Sega announced the update in the latest headline to create excitement among players.

However, the chances are great that most of the new features are still being developed and thus, it will only be released in June 2023.

Creative Space

As previously explained, Version 2 introduces a new creative space, which allows you to use your imagination to create your own space in PSO2: NGS. In addition to building homes and cities, you can create your own obstacles.

Players can use triggers to perform certain actions. For instance, jumping in a specific area will trigger the Quest Clear sound to play and cause the ”Success” message to appear on the screen. By combining several elements, you can create an obstacle course for other players to enjoy.

It is worth noting that you will not receive any rewards for completing an obstacle.

Collaboration events

Headline revealed that there will be several crossover quests with other works that they have not collaborated with before. Although Sega did not reveal many details about the collaboration events, players have created their own theories.

Several players are hopeful that Sega will collaborate with Anime organizations, as this will be a perfect fit for the new Cel Shading feature. This is yet to be confirmed, however, additional information will be revealed in the following update or stream.

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