PSO2 NGS: UQ alert

The UQ Alert application sends PSO2: NGS players notifications when a UQ is taking place, however, it is no longer functioning.

You can test your strategy skills in this explorative video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). The game has several quests, one of which is Urgent Quests (UQ).

To keep up with UQ, you can use an Alert application which is available for Android Devices.

PSO2 NGS: UQ alert

PSO2 Alert is an application that announces upcoming scheduled and unscheduled Emergency and Urgent Quests for the Japanese and Global Versions of PSO2: NGS.

PSO2 NGS: UQ alert

This application has the following features:

  • Players are notified 90 minutes before a UQ takes place, if it is scheduled
  • You will receive a notification 15 minutes before an unscheduled UQ
  • Players can select which events they want to receive notifications for
  • The application supports several server choices, including JP Field Events, JP Classic, NGS JP, Global Field Events, Global Classic and NGS Global.
  • The announcements are linked to your device’s time zone.
  • You will receive PSO2 and PSO2: NGS-related news on the application
  • The application is always add-free with no in-app purchases or unrelated notifications to PSO2 or PSO2: NGS.

It is noteworthy that most of the app’s features are complete server-side, and therefore, it may seem that the app is not updated. However, players can install PSO2 Alert, and it will update automatically.

How to install PSO2 Alert

Unfortunately, the PSO2 Alert application is only available on the Google Play Store, hence, only Android users can use it. To install the app, open the Play Store on your device and search for “PSO2 Alert” in the search bar.

After selecting the “Install” tab, the application will download on your device. Once the download and install processes are complete, you can open the app and select which quests you want to receive notifications for.

Is ARKS Alert still in development?

As of Tuesday, 17 May 2022, the application and YouTube streaming page are no longer functioning. This means that though you can still install the app, it will not work.

The app’s developers revealed that they stopped working on the application and stream for several personal reasons.

The decision to stop the Alert application disappointed countless PSO2: NGS players, as they relied on the app to be notified of UQs.

When is the UQ?

Since the Alert UQ application is no longer functioning, players are struggling to keep up with when the UQ takes place.

Fortunately, PSO2: NGS posts a schedule for the planned UQs regularly, but there is still the possibility of an unscheduled UQ . We recommend that you check the official PSO2: NGS website regularly to find out when the UQ will occur.

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