PSO2 NGS: Tetracite

One of the ores you can find in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is Tetracite, and it can be used to unlock Potentials and for Limit Breaking.

Gamers are invited to evaluate their tactical abilities in this adventurous video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

As its name suggests, this game is based on the well-renowned game, Phantasy Star Online, however, you can expect updated gameplay and graphics in this one.

NGS takes place 1000 years after the events of Oracle, on a fictitious planet known as Halpha. In a vast open world, players can explore multiple regions, each of which has an array of activities they can enjoy.

Players can complete quests, defeat monsters, find hidden treasures, and gather materials. One of the materials you can gather is Tetracite, which can only be found in specific areas.

Which materials can you obtain in PSO2: NGS?

As you progress in the game, you will discover that you can gather materials, but keep in mind that each material serves a unique purpose. Some of the items you can collect in PSO2: NGS are as follows:

Material type Description
Enhancements Enhancements are generally used to enhance your weapons and armour
Exchange You can convert this material to obtain Meseta, which is an in-game currency
Minerals Minerals are generally used to unlock Potentials and Limit Breaks at the Item Lab
Consumables There are distinct types of food you can gather, including seafood, fruits, vegetables, and meat. Each food has a unique effect on your character when consumed

PSO2 NGS: Tetracite

There are more than 5 minerals you can farm in the game, one of which is Tetracite. It is worth noting that you can only find this material in West Retem, North Retem, Rwh Maqead, Central Kvaris, and South Kvaris.

However, you can also find it in the Stella Pack Trials or purchase it from the treasure shop. Once you have some Tetracite, you can use it to unlock Potentials and Limit Breaking at the Item Lab.

PSO2 NGS: Tetracite
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Potentials can be unlocked on weapons, which significantly increases the power of the weapon and as a result, provides unique abilities to your character. Tetracite is required to unlock Potential for weapons that have a 5-star, 6-star and 7-star ranking.

The higher the weapon is ranked; the more materials are required. Moreover, the higher the Potential level is, the more Tetracite you need to complete the process.

Gamers should note that the Enhancement Limit refers to the maximum level to which armour or a weapon can be enhanced. For all weapons and units, this limit is currently 50.

Enhancing Limit Breaking equipment to above 50 requires the Arm Refiner material, which you can only earn by defeating Megalotix Enemies. Players can also exchange it for another item at the Item Lab.

Players can increase an item’s Enhancement Limit by Limit Breaking the item in the Item Lab, at the cost of materials, such as Tetracite.


One of the ways you can procure Tetracite is by completing a Trial, which is an event that can take place in the Exploration or Combat sectors of the game. Trial Markers, also called T-Markers, will be displayed where a trial is activated.

Keep in mind that a trial’s time limit does not start until a player interacts with the trial’s enemies. There is only 1 trial active at a time, however, there is a possibility that 2 trials spawn, which is known as a Chaos Trial.

There are currently 12 trials available in the game, but only 1 trial rewards you with Tetracite after you have completed it:

Trial name Spawn area Enemies Rewards
Stellar Pack Collection Any Combat or Exploration sector To complete this trial, you have to defeat 6 small enemies and 2 medium enemies
  • Pentalite
  • Tetracite
  • Trinite
  • Dualomite
  • Monotite
  • 1500 Meseta

Treasure Shop

The Treasure Shop is a unique in-game shop that sells items in exchange for either Meseta or SG. Players can gain access to this shop by clicking on the menu, and then clicking on the Shop Menu. The contents of the shop refreshes from a pool of items every 24 hours.

It is thus advisable that you regularly check when Tetracite is available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing Tetracite, please note that 1 Ore costs approximately 5 000 Meseta.

Tetracite map

As previously stated, Tetracite can be found in West Retem, North Retem, Rwh Maqead, Central Kvaris, and South Kvaris. Since these are large regions, farming the mineral can take some time and effort. Fortunately, you can use an Ore map to locate the exact locations of Tetracite.

PSO2 NGS: Ore map
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