PSO2 NGS: Stellar Grace locations

In PSO2: NGS, players can use their Mag device to find the locations of  the Stellar Grace, which are pyramidal containers scattered around the world.

Gamers are invited to put their strategic and tactical abilities to the test in this role-playing video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

This is an updated version of the classic video game, Phantasy Star Online 2. Since this version was released a decade after its predecessor, players will likely experience new graphics, gameplay, and content.

PSO2: NGS takes place in the fictional world of Halpha, approximately 1000 years after the events of Oracle. As the player, it is up to you to defeat enemies and restore peace to the planet.

While progressing in the game, you can enjoy different events, including the Seasonal World Trial Stellar Grace Recovery Operation. During this event, you have to find Stellar Grace, whose locations are well hidden.

Stellar Grace Recovery Operation

The Stellar Grace Recovery Operation tasks players with recovering pyramidal containers known as Stellar Grace that fall from an overhead illuminated phenomenon.

Gamers should bear in mind that although this World Trial is only active for 24 hours, it takes place across all of Halpha.

Multiple fallen Stellar Grace that come in Gold, Silver, and Blue colours can be found in each Exploration Sector.

Once they are opened, players can receive various items, such as Ability Capsules, N-meseta, and Ores. You will also receive 5 Stellar Grace Tickets from every container.

PSO2 NGS: Stellar Grace
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PSO2 NGS: Stellar Grace locations

PSO2: NGS recently announced the Seasonal World Trial Stellar Grace Recovery Operation, and it was active from Wednesday 27 July 2022 until 1 August 2022.

During this time, players had the opportunity to participate in 3 Trials, however, each Trial was only active for 24 hours.

By collecting Stellar Grace in the Exploration Sectors, players could earn up to 450 Stellar Grace as well as multiple Items and boost effects.

It is worth noting that Stellar Grace looks different in Seasonal World Trials than in Regular World Trials.

Because of this, all Stellar Grace were unified into one colour, but the reward you could earn was more valuable. It is crucial to note that the location of the Stellar Grace changes every time a Trial occurs, and it varies on each ship.

To find a Stellar Grace, you can open your world map to find icons that look like the letter W. This icon indicates that the area has Stellar Graces.

When you have travelled to an Exploration Area, you can use your Mag device to help you find a Stellar Grace.

Players can click on “Active Sonar Target Settings” and disable all options. This means that the device will only scan Stellar Graces. You will then be able to locate all the Stellar Graces within an area quite quickly and conveniently.

PSO2 NGS: Stellar Grace
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Do you get bonuses for completing an Exploration Area?

You will not get any additional bonuses or benefits if you manage to collect all of the Stellar Graces in a specific Exploration Area.

That being said, you will have a special dialogue that states that you have collected all the Stellar Graces in the area.

After procuring all the Stellar Graces in a region, players can simply go to the next Exploration Area to try to find all the Stellar Graces in that region.

Do you have to find the Stellar Graces?

If you are not interested in finding the Stellar Grace containers, you do not have to participate in the event. Even if you are not actively participating in the event, you can still benefit from the S Grace Boost (self).

This buff increases your rare drop rate by 10 percent for 24 hours, which is the duration of the event.

Since there are 3 24-hour trials, you can benefit from the buff for 3 consecutive days. This is the perfect amount of time to farm rare and desirable items that you need and want.

PSO2: NGS players can also benefit from the Stellar Grace Boost (all) buff, which is determined by the number of people on your ship that collect the Stellar Graces

Stellar Graces rewards

As previously mentioned, players will get Ores, N-meseta, and Ability Capsules when they open a Stellar Grace. Ores can be used at the Item Lab, which is the place where players can enhance their equipment in numerous ways.

Moreover, Ability Capsules contain different Special Abilities, which can be used by your character.

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