PSO2 NGS: Slayer

Sega, PSO2:NGS’ developer, recently announced that a new character class, which is known as Slayer, will be introduced to the game in April 2023.

In this adventurous video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, you can explore the fictional realm of Halpha. Before you can begin your adventure, you have to create and customise a character.

The most important decision that you will make during this phase is which class you want your character to be.

Sega, the game’s developer, recently announced that a new class called Slayer will be added to the game in April of 2023.

Classes in PSO2:NGS

At the time of writing this, there are 8 classes that you can choose from, namely Hunter, Bouncer, Fighter, Braver, Ranger, Teacher, Force, and Gunner.

Although you have to select your class during the character creation phase, you are free to change your class at the Class Counter after you have started playing.

Players should note that every class is unique, as they wield different weapons and have access to distinct skills and abilities.

For example, the Hunter class specialises in Swords, Wired Lances, and Partisans. Therefore, you should not equip a Launcher or a Rod if you are using this class.

PSO2 NGS: Slayer

In the latest PSO2: NGS Headline, which is the game’s official news report, SEGA revealed the latest information regarding the March update of the game.

They announced that new Scratch Tickets, limited-time events, and a new Field Race course will be added to the game.

Although the developer did not spend too much time on the topic, they also revealed that a new character class, called Slayer, will be introduced to the game. Unfortunately, the class will only be added in mid-April 2023.

We can only assume that Sega wanted to tease players by giving them little information about the Slayer class.

PSO2 NGS: Slayer
© Sega

This method is widely known in the gaming world, as developers want to increase players’ excitement ahead of the release of a new feature, such as a new class.

In anticipation of the new class, players can acquire Slayer Operation Preparation Tickets through Limited-time tasks . These Tickets can be exchanged for the Gunblade weapons. Allegedly, the Slayer class specializes in the Gunblade weapon series.

Sega is therefore giving players the opportunity to acquire a Gunblade weapon before Slayer is added to PSO2: NGS. The Slayer Campaign kicked off on Wednesday, 1 March 2023, and will conclude on 5 April 2023.

This gives you enough time to collect Slayer Operation Prep Tickets in order to get weapons and a new Weapon Camo for the new Slayer class. Bear in mind that you can acquire up to 20 Tickets through this campaign.

Where to exchange your Slayer Operation Prep Tickets

Unfortunately, you can only exchange your Slayer Operation Prep Tickets at certain non-player-characters (NPCs) in PSO2: NGS.

However, every region has a vendor through which you can exchange your tickets, but you have to acquire your tickets before you can exchange them.

The vendors that you can exchange your tickets with:

Area Name NPC
Stia Region Stia Camp Sakura
Kvaris Region Kvaris Camp Neville
Retem Region Retem City Saetta
Aelio Region Central City Travis

Exchange Shop

There are several items that you can acquire if you obtain Slayer Operation Prep Tickets. Each item requires a specific number of tickets:

Item Number of tickets required
Trunkul Gunblade +50 5 tickets
Tenebrous Almati 2 tickets
Evolcoat Gunblade +50 2 tickets
Special Scratch Ticket 1 ticket
Arms Refiner II 2 tickets
Rugged Gunblade +50 5 tickets
Clio Talon Schneider 2 tickets
Relic Axeon CV 2 tickets
Crystia Gunblade +50 5 tickets
Sechetyl Gunblade +50 3 tickets
Cinquem Gunblade 3 tickets
N-EX-Cube 1 ticket
Tenebrous Gunblade +50 5 tickets

Gunblade weapon series

In order to prepare for the Slayer class’s release, players can acquire varying Gunblade weapons by completing certain tasks.

Unfortunately, Sega has yet to reveal the details about the new weapon series, however, the Gunblade weapon category is set to launch in April 2023 or May 2023.

The Slayer class allegedly specializes in the Gunblade weapon series and therefore, it is recommended that you acquire your tickets to obtain a new Gunblade-exclusive weapon camo and a new Gunblade weapon.

If you want to know more about the Slayer and about the new Gunblade weapon series, it is advised that you keep an eye on the official PSO2: NGS website as all official information is released on the site.

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