PSO2 NGS: Relentless training

Relentless Training is a quest chain in PSO2: NGS, however, you first have to meet specific prerequisites to complete it.

You are invited to be part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in this thrilling game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

The game is an updated version of the video game, Phantasy Star Online 2. Although there are similar features in both games, you will find that there are improved graphics and gameplay in NGS.

Although PSO2: NGS has several activities, you should follow the main story quests.

In addition to the main story quests, you can complete various quests. One of the quest types that you can complete is Relentless Training, which tasks you with a range of objectives.

Quest types

There are numerous categories of quest types and classifications that you can accept at the quest Counter. The table below lists some of the quest types that you can acquire:

Quest type Description
Expeditions Players can freely explore a Field. If you can clear the boss suppression objective, you will receive an additional reward
Time Attack Quests These are quests in which players take on numerous challenges set up on planetary fields in a race against the clock
Endless Quests The objective of Endless Quests is to get the highest score within the time limit. The area changes every time you move on to the following mission

PSO2 NGS: Relentless training

While exploring the main cities of Halpha, you may discover Ronaldine – a non-player character. She provides challenging tasks to players, but she also offers challenging Limited-Time Tasks during certain periods of time.

PSO2 NGS: Relentless training
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Ronaldine offers Looping Tasks outside of the Limited-Time time periods, which can be completed several times. By completing these tasks, you can earn rewards.

PSO2: NGS’s developer, Sega, recently introduced the new Relentless Training activity. Players can access this quest chain when they have completed the Kvaris Partisan Squad quest.

Keep in mind that your character needs to have enough Battle Power to unlock the level 60 High Rank Combat Sectors before you can begin the quest chain.

When you meet the prerequisites, you can speak to Ronaldine to pick up the Relentless Training Across Halpha quests. The quest line has 10 different quests, each of which awards you with unique items.

Some of the Relentless Training quests in PSO2: NGS, and the rewards that you can earn are:

Task name Objectives Rewards
Relentless Training Across Halpha 1-I
  • Defeat 300 DOLLS units (level 60 or higher)
  • 2 N-EX-Cube
Relentless Training Across Halpha 2-III
  • Defeat 30 Alma Rongos (level 60 or higher)
  • Defeat 30 Signogun Lores (level 60 or higher)
  • Defeat 30 Gillnach Lores (level 60 or higher)
  • 40 Photon Chunks
  • 40 Photon Quarts
  • 40 Tetracite
  • 40 Pentalite
Relentless Training Across Halpha 3- II
  • Defeat 100 ALTERS rare enemies (level 60 or higher)
  • 10 Dustyl Soul IV
  • 10 Crocys Soul IV
Relentless Training Across Halpha 3- X
  • Defeat 3 Relyns (level 60 or higher
  • Defeat 3 Frostyl Swords (level 60 or higher)
  • Defeat 3 Ams Kvarises (level 60 or higher)
  • 100 Star Gems

Are Relentless Training quests in specific areas?

It is noteworthy that you can complete Relentless Training quests in specific areas, namely, Kvaris and Retem. However there are some Limited-Time Relentless Training quests in Aelio and Retem. The following table lists some of the quests in specific areas:

Area Task Name Objectives Rewards
Kvaris Relentless Training in Kvaris 1-III
  • Defeat 10 FORMERS bosses (level 51 or higher)
  • First clear: 10 Strugment B
  • Second Clear: 10 Kvar Note C
Kvaris Relentless Training in Kvaris 1-X
  • Defeat a Veteran Ice Banser
  • Defeat a Veteran Relyn
  • First Clear: SG 50 Ticket
  • Second Clear: 5 B-Trigger Kvar Yellow
Retem Relentless Training in Retem 1-VII
  • Defeat 20 Sand Rorons (level 40 or higher)
  • Defeat 20 Sand Roroxes (level 40 or higher)
  • First clear: 20 Sliver Primm Armour
  • Second Clear: 10 Precison II
Retem Relentless Training in Retem 2-VII
  • Defeat 10 DOLLS Enhanced Enemies (level 40 or higher)
  • First Clear: Daityl Soul
  • Second Clear: Ragras Soul
PSO2 NGS: Relentless training
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How to increase Battle Power

As previously stated, you need enough Battle Power to unlock the level 60 High Rank Combat Sectors. In order to increase your Battle Power, it is advised that you focus on levelling up your character. This will increase your battle power, usually between 10 and 20 points.

Moreover, you can apply skill points, which can be acquired from cocoons and towers. Players can also use all skill points in main and sub class skill trees.

Players should also ensure that they equip stronger weapons and armour, as they will increase your battle power more than weaker ones.

Kvaris Partisan Squad quest

The Kvaris Partisan Squad quest is part of PSO2: NGS’ main story quest, and players can only complete it at the end of chapter 2.

The official description reveals that after fighting in the battle against Arms Kvaris, you are given permission to join the Kvaris Region’s Independent Partisan Squad

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