PSO2 NGS: Randomite location

Randomite in PSO2: NGS is a rich ore that provides numerous resources, but it only appears during seasonal events at random locations throughout Halpha.

In Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) you can put your strategic skills to the test. As part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, you have to team up with a mysterious ally to defeat a powerful enemy known as the DOLLS.

The game takes place on a fictitious planet, Halpha, about 1000 years after the Oracle event. Even if you simply focus on completing the main storyline, you can still enjoy numerous activities, including harvesting resources, defeating enemies, completing trials and exploring a vast open world.

One of the ores you can discover in NGS is Randomite, however it only appears during the season event period.

Season events in PSO2: NGS

PSO2: NGS hosts seasonal events throughout the year. At the time of writing, the Autumn Seasonal Event 2022 is taking place, but bear in mind that it is only active for a certain time period.

During the event, you may notice that some features have different appearances. For example, Central City and Region Mags are coloured with fall or autumn foliage. While Rappies have also taken on a unique appearance.

You will also be able to interact with a new non-character player known as Xiemi, who is the ARKS Technology Development Member.

While exploring Halpha, you can discover new minerals, known as Greenealcite and Autumnearlis. These materials can be used at the exchange shop to obtain Relic Weapon Set items.

PSO2 NGS: Randomite location

Since a seasonal event is active, players can find Randomite ores while exploring different areas in the game. When you find a Randomite ore, you have to destroy it in order to acquire a large amount of resources and minerals.

Unlike other ores, Randomite respawns every Wednesday. The seasonal event is only active for a month, and therefore, Randomite will appear a total of four times during the event period.

PSO2 NGS: Randomite location
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In order to find Randomite, players have to explore various regions, such as Kvaris, Retem and Aelio. However, both these regions are extremely big, and therefore, it takes hours before you discover a Randomite Ore.

Unfortunately, there is no specific way of telling where the Randomite might spawn on the map. Players thus have to run around the regions in the hope of finding an ore. However, Randomite is affected by the Rare Drop Rate.

Your character’s Rare Drop Rate increases the quantity of items you earn from a specific activity or resource. In other words, the higher your Rare Drop Rate is, the more items you will obtain by destroying a Randomite.

It is thus recommended that you use as much Rare Drop Rate before you start farming for Randomite. Keep in mind that the Rare Drop Rate does not influence the spawn rate of Randomite, and therefore, the quantity of Randomite in a specific area will remain the same.

Nevertheless, players should attempt to discover and mine all the Randomite Ores available on the map, as the rewards can greatly influence your gameplay.

What can you earn from a Randomite?

Once you have discovered a Randomite ore, you have to interact with it to begin the mining process. There are several items you can acquire, however, with a high Rare Drop Rate, the quantity of items you can receive is higher.

Players can acquire the following items by mining a Randomite ore:

  • Blizzardium
  • Monotite
  • Dualomite
  • Photon Quartz
  • Pendrite
  • Trinite
  • Photon Chunk
  • Photon Scale

The quantity of each item you receive depends on your Rare Drop Rate. The lower the rate is, the less items you will receive. It is thus crucial that you increase your rate before farming Randomite Ores.

Will the Randomite spawn in the same locations as previous seasonal events?

There is a possibility that the Randomite ores will spawn in the same locations as in previous seasons, however there is also the chance that they will spawn in entirely new locations. It is recommended that you check previous spawn locations, before moving to other areas in the region.

However, do note that the locations of the ores can change every week. This means that you have to check each region thoroughly every week in order to acquire your resources.

Randomite farming hack

Some have pointed out that there might be a Randomite farming hack, but not a lot of players are aware of it. And in aney event, the supposed hack only works when you are outside of town, in a combat area.

If you are to use the Randomite farming hack, you simply have to make a Photoroom for yourself. This can be done by selecting communication, and then clicking on room keywords/ photoroom settings before entering a keyword. You can click on ‘make photoroom’ to create the instance.

PSO2: NGS players will then be in their own Photoroom, which despawns all enemies and minerals, except for Randomite Ores.

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