PSO2 NGS: Quaint Ensemble

During the Quaint Ensemble event in PSO2: NGS, players were able to acquire traditional Japanese inspired items.

In this compelling video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS), players can test their tactical skills while experiencing role-playing elements. It is set in the vast, open world of Halpha, about 1000 years after the Oracle events.

As part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, it is up to you to defeat a powerful enemy called the DOLLS.

In addition to the main story arc, players can defeat enemies, explore the realm, harvest resources, and enjoy occasional in-game events. One of the events that players could enjoy is Quant Ensemble, which concluded early in 2022.

In-game events

An in-game event allows players to enjoy and experience a video game in a new, exciting way for a limited period of time. During an event, you generally have to complete tasks, missions, and specific objectives to earn valuable rewards.

The items that you earn during an event can sometimes only be acquired from that specific event. However, some events celebrate the introduction of a new feature, character or item, and when the event concludes, you can still obtain the new item.

Players are usually notified when an in-game event takes place. So, it is advised that you regularly check NGS’ official pages to see when the next event will take place.

PSO2 NGS: Quaint Ensemble

One of the events that players were able to enjoy is Quaint Ensemble, which occurred from 12 January 2022 until 8 February 2022.


PSO2 NGS: Quaint Ensemble
© Sega

During this time, players were able to use AC Scratch Tickets to procure beautiful, traditional Japanese and ninja-inspired styles. AC Scratch tickets are tickets which you can play by using Arks Cash (AC), which is the premium currency in NGS.

To use a scratch ticket, you have to open the main menu and select the shop icon. In the list, you will find a list of varying options, one of which is AC/SG shop.

In the new menu, you can select the Scratch Ticket that you wish to play from the numerous types available. After using the ticket, you will get various rewards.

During Quaint Ensemble, many players had the opportunity to collect various outfit styles for both male and female characters. However, you were also able to receive motions, hairstyles, and accessories, which include tattoos, make up, earrings, stickers, and scarfs.

PSO2 NGS: Quaint Ensemble

PSO2 NGS: Quaint Ensemble

PSO2 NGS: Quaint Ensemble
© Sega

Although the event concluded, the Scratch Ticket prizes may be included in future Scratch Ticket collections. This means that there is a possibility that you can receive a Quaint Ensemble item when you use the AC Scratch Tickets.

How to purchase AC

Arks Cash is the premium currency of PSO2: NGS. AC can be used to purchase and rent convenient items and features that can be useful to you  in the game. Allegedly, players can enjoy NGS even more if they use AC.

To purchase AC, Xbox One and Microsoft users can open the AC Menu and select the AC Shop. Here you can purchase an AC Exchange Ticket from the Microsoft Store. Bear in mind that you have to download the ticket in order to exchange it for AC.

While Steam and Epic users can purchase an AC Exchange ticket from their respective game platforms, players should make sure that they read the notifications and description when they are making their purchase.

Scratch Bonuses

During the Quaint Ensemble event, players got the chance to get scratch bonuses, which consists of an array of stages. The table below lists the items according to their stage:

Stage 1 Stage 2
  • Salon Free Pass (5 plays)
  • N-Enhancement Success Rate (10 plays)
  • N-Color Change Pass (15 plays)
  • N-Augmentation Success Rate (20 plays)
  • Quaint Ensemble Ticket (30 plays)
  • N-Color-Change Pass (40 plays)
  • MTN: Glide – Mini Glider (45 plays)
  • Quaint Ensemble Ticket (60 plays)
  • Salon Free Pass (5 plays)
  • Quaint Ensemble Ticket (30 plays)

AC prices

It is crucial to keep in mind that AC can only be purchased with real-life money. However, AC is not required to advance in the game. You can thus play the game and enjoy its content without purchasing AC.

The following table lists the approximate prices for AC:

Quantity AC Approximate price
1000 $6.78
100 $ 0.67
10 300 $67
3000 $20.24
500 $3.39
5150 $33.69

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