PSO2 NGS: Pentalite location

Pentalite in PSO2: NSG can be used to unlock Potentials and Limit Break items, however, it can only be found in West Kvaris.

In this adventurous video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NSG), gamers can put their tactical skills to the test.

As the player, you can become part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation to team up with a mysterious ally. It is your responsibility to defeat a powerful threat called the DOLLS.

The game is set on a fictitious planet known as Halpha approximately 1000 years after the events of Oracle. While you are progressing in the main story arc, you can participate in activities and occasional events.

Players can collect and gather weapons, complete quests, defeat enemies, and harvest resources, one of which is Pentalite.

Resource types

There are many types of resources that you can acquire in PSO2: NGS, and each material serves a unique purpose. Some of the materials that you can harvest are as follows:

Resource type Description
Consumables The foods that you can collect are seafood, vegetables, fruit, and meat. When consumed, the food has a unique effect on your character
Minerals Players can use minerals to unlock Potentials
Exchange You can exchange these resources for Meseta, which is PSO2: NGS’ main in-game currency
Enhancements These materials are mainly used to enhance and upgrade your weapons and armour. Your items will become stronger after you enhance them.

PSO2 NGS: Pentalite location

There are 9 types of minerals in PSO2: NGS, however, players should note that each mineral can only be found in a specific region. Pentalite is a mineral ore that is found in rocky places in multiple regions.

It is mainly used for unlocking Potentials and Limit Breaking at the Item Lab. To procure this mineral, you have to travel to West Kvaris, where you will find 2 Ryuker Devices. Go to the most eastern one, which is on top of the mountain.

PSO2 NGS: Pentalite location
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Once you are there, you can go down the western side of the mountain with a floating board. If you look around while you are descending, you may find up to 20 Pentalite outcroppings. You do not have to stop boarding to collect them, as they are set up specifically to board through them to be collected.

Alternatively, you can participate in the Stella Pack Trials to procure Pentalite. These trials can be found in any exploration or combat sector, but if you wish to acquire Pentalite from these trials, you have to complete them in the Kvaris region.

Before a trial’s landing, there will be a non-player-character (NPC) announcement and a blue circle will appear on the mini-map.

You can travel to the location to collect a Stellar Pack that has fallen from the sky, however, you first have to kill the enemies that protect it. Generally, you have to defeat 2 medium enemies and 6 small enemies.

If you do not have time to farm the mineral, you can purchase it at the Treasure Shop.

Treasure shop

The Treasure shop is an in-game shop that sells unique items in exchange for Meseta or SG. Players can access this shop by selecting the shop menu. It is noteworthy that the contents of the shop refresh from a pool of selected items every 24 hours.

This means that there is a possibility that Pentalite will not always be available for purchase from the shop. If you are interested in purchasing it, you should check the shop regularly to see if it is available.

However, you can refresh the contents for free every day, and as such, there is a chance that the mineral could become available. Pentalite costs approximately 5000 Meseta from the Treasure Shop.

Potential unlocking

One of the ways you can use Pentalite is to unlock Potentials. Potentials can be unlocked on weapons, which greatly increases the power of the weapon. Moreover, it can provide your character with unique abilities.

Keep in mind that the cost for unlocking Potentials gradually increases with the level and the rarity of the weapon. Once your weapon has reached level 3, with a star rating of 6, it requires Pentalite to unlock the following level.

PSO2: NGS players should note that Pentalite is not the only material needed to unlock a Potential. You also need Tetracite and Photon Chunks.

Limit Breaking

The enhancement limit is the maximum level to which a weapon or armour piece can be enhanced. For all items, the current limit is 50, but Limit Breaking equipment allows you to increase the enhancement limit.

Bear in mind that you need the Arms Refiner, and other materials like Pentalite, to complete the Limit Break process.

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