PSO2 NGS: Ore map

In PSO2: NGS, players can gather different Ores, however, using an Ore map can decrease gathering time.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is a thrilling video game in which players can put their strategic abilities to the test. The game is based on the classic video game, Phantasy Star Online 2, and thus, you are likely to encounter common features in the games.

As NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, players can enjoy updated graphics, mechanics, and gameplay. The game is set on the fictitious planet of Halpha, approximately 1000 years after the events of Oracle.

While exploring the vast open world, you can gather resources, materials and items, including weapons and gear. A few players have created maps to make finding materials, such as ores, easier.

Gathering materials

In the game, gathering means to gather materials from the environment. Players can gather meat, seafood, ores, fruits, and vegetables as they explore various regions. Most of these materials can be used as ingredients for Quick Food, but ores are mainly used in the Item Lab.

Keep in mind that there is no stamina system for gathering. This means that what you see in the environment is what you get. Once you have gathered material, it does not respawn until its cooldown has finished. However, meat is acquired from Tames and can thus be gathered freely.

PSO2 NGS: Ore map

There are currently 7 types of Ores in PSO2: NGS, but some Ores can only be gathered in specific locations in the game:

Ore name Where to obtain Description
Monotite Players can find this ore in Western and Central Retem, as well as in Central Aelio It can be used to unlock Potentials and Limit Break items
Photon Scale It can be found in Southern Retem You can use it in a Capsule Exchange
Dualomite You can gather it in Southern and Western Aelio. However, it can also be found in Central and Southern Retem It is used to unlock Potentials and Limit Break items in the Item Lab
Photon Quartz Players can gather this ore in Central, Northern, and Southern Aelio. You can also find it in Western Retem and Luf Maqaad This ore is used to create Multi-Weapons in the Item Lab
Trinite Found in Northern and Western Aelio, as well as in Central and Southern Retem Used to unlock Potential and Limit Break items
Photon Chunk Players can find this ore in Central, Northern, and Southern Aelio. You can also gather it Central and Northern Retem You can use it to unlock Limit Break items and Potentials in the Item Lab
Tetracite This ore can be procured in Western and Northern Retem, but also in Luf Maqaad Unlocks Potentials at the Item Lab

Since the areas are quite large in PSO2: NGS, you could spend hours gathering Ores. Fortunately, some players have created an Ore Map, which shows the exact location of each Ore. It is noteworthy that the Ore might already be gathered so you have to wait until it respawns to get it. Moreover, the Ore locations are subject to change:

PSO2 NGS: Ore map
© YzY229 / Steam Community

Item Lab

All the Ores in the game serve the same purpose; to unlock Potentials and Limit Break items at the Item Lab. The Item Lab allows players to enhance their equipment in several ways:

Method Description
Item enhancement This method allows you to feed weapons or units to the weapon or unit you want to enhance. It is one of the easiest ways to increase the strength of your weapons or units
Add special abilities These are enchantments that you can add to your weapons or units to increase their statistics
Potential Weapons have properties known as Potentials, which can be regarded as an additional skill for your character
Multi-weapon You can combine 2 weapons to create a multi-weapon, which uses both weapons from 1 weapon palette
Preset Ability transfer This allows you to transfer preset abilities from 1 piece of equipment to another
PSO2 NGS: Ore map
© Sega

Alternative methods to use to acquire Ores

In addition to gathering Ores, players can get them through the login-bonus and from the Mission Pass Rewards. Furthermore, you can purchase Ores from certain in-game vendors, or you can complete Trials to be rewarded with Ores.

Ore name Ways to obtain Ores
  • Stellar Pack Trials
  • Exchange shop
  • Login Bonus
  • Mission Pass Reward
Photon Scale
  • Emergency Quests
  • Stellar Pack Trials
  • Exchange shop
  • Login Bonus
  • Mission Pass Reward
Photon Quartz
  • Mission Pass Rewards
  • Stellar Pack Trials
  • Exchange shop
  • Login Bonus
  • Mission Pass Reward
Photon Chunk
  • Mission Pass Rewards
  • Not applicable

Interactive map

A PSO2: NGS player that is known as Kosnag recently launched an online, interactive map to help players advance in the game. The map features important features and lootable materials, including red containers.

On the map, players can find cocoons, towers, Ryker Devices, minerals, ores, and urgent quests.

Players can use this map when farming a specific Ore, as they can filter the map’s settings to only show where they can find a specific ore.

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