PSO2 NGS: Ordinal Tower

The Ordinal Tower is an exhilarating activity in PSO2: NGS, and it can be completed by a group, or as a solo player.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an exciting video game that combines role-playing elements with tactical battles. As its name suggests, it is part of the classic Phantasy Star Online series, thus, you are likely to encounter similar gameplay and mechanics throughout the series.

However, since NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, players can enjoy updated graphics.

There are many activities that you can participate in, but it is advisable that you focus on the main story arc because it serves as a guide to NGS. One of the activities is the Ordinal Tower, which was recently added to the game.

What is the purpose of activities?

Similarly to other role-playing titles, NGS has numerous activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, crafting gear and armour, harvesting resources, completing trials, joining alliances, and defeating monsters.

The objective of activities is to make the game as enjoyable as possible for the players that play it. NGS’ developer, Sega, occasionally introduces new activities to motivate gamers to play the game.

Moreover, there are in-game events that you can participate in. Keep in mind that in-game events are usually only active for a certain time. You have to complete unique tasks and missions in the time period to earn valuable rewards.

PSO2 NGS: Ordinal Tower

Sega recently added the Ordinal Tower to NGS, and players are extremely excited to participate in it. The Ordinal Tower is located on the coast of South Aelio. You have to walk through the waterfall into a cave to find the door of the Ordinal Tower.

Before you can enter the Ordinal Tower, you have to acquire a specific quest. The quest can be picked up from Schlacht, who can be found in Central City. Once you have picked up the quest, it will direct you to the Ordinal Tower.

PSO2 NGS: Ordinal Tower
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If you cannot pick up the quest, you first have to complete chapter 1 of the main story quests, or the Aelio region quests.

Once you have the quest, you have to travel to South Aelio to find the Ordinal Tower. You have to go to the coast of the region where you will find a waterfall. By going through the waterfall, you will find the entrance to the Ordinal Tower.

The Ordinal Tower contains different ranks, each of which has a specific level and battle power requirement. To complete rank 1, your character has to be at least level 15, and have 1063 battle power.

You can only move on to the following rank once you have successfully completed a rank. Bear in mind that each rank has specific clear and fail conditions. For instance, if you die 5 times in rank 1, you fail the rank.

Players should also note that the ranks have predetermined time limits, and if you do not complete the rank within a specific time, you fail the rank.

Can ranks be completed in group formulation?

The ranks in the Ordinal Tower can be completed by a group that consists of 4 players. You can either group up with your friends or use the matchmaking system. This system will group you and 3 other players to complete the Ordinal Tower.

That being said, you do not have to be part of a group to complete the ranks in the tower. If your character is strong enough, you can try to complete the ranks as a solo player.

It is recommended that low level players complete the ranks as a group, as the bosses may be too difficult for you to complete as a solo player.

Which bosses do you have to defeat?

Rank 1 to rank 6 have unique bosses from varying areas in the game, however, for these ranks, you just have to defeat 1 boss. Players have to face bosses from Aelio, Retem, and Kvaris during the first few ranks of Ordinal Tower.

Once you reach rank 7, you will notice that it does not follow the same principle. This is because it has multiple bosses from different regions that you have to defeat. Because of this, rank 7 is considered more difficult than the other ranks.

Secret Bosses

In the Ordinal Tower, PSO2: NGS players can find 2 Secret Bosses. However, you first have to complete the rank to get access to the Secret Bosses.

Once you clear the rank, you can go back to the starting room to find a jumping puzzle. Once you solve the puzzle, you can find rooms with different coloured boxes on the outside. This indicates the order of the bosses that you have to defeat.

After defeating the bosses in order, you will gain access to the Secret Bosses.

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