PSO2 NGS: Ordinal Tower location

The Ordinal Tower location in PSO2: NGS can be found in a cave on the coast in South Aelio.

Gamers can test their tactical skills while enjoying role-playing elements in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). The setting of the game is the vast open world of Halpha, approximately 100 years after the Oracle events.

As part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, it your responsibility to collaborate with an unknown ally to defeat a powerful enemy called the DOLLS.

As you advance in the main story arc, you will discover side quests, resources, activities, and monsters to defeat. One of the activities that you can enjoy is the Ordinal Tower, which can be found in a specific location.

What is the Ordinal Tower?

PSO2: NGS’ developer, Sega, occasionally introduces new content and features into the game for players to enjoy. They recently introduced the Ordinal Tower, which has different ranks to complete.

Each rank has numerous monsters and bosses that you have to defeat to successfully clear the rank. For every rank you complete, you will be rewarded with an array of items, which can have an impact on your gameplay.

The Ordinal Tower has 7 ranks, each of which rewards you with different items. Keep in mind that you have to complete the ranks in order, which means that you have to complete rank 1 before you can begin rank 2, and so forth.

PSO2 NGS: Ordinal Tower location

To unlock the Ordinal Tower, players first have to complete a specific quest. You can pick up the quest by talking to Schlacht in Central City. When you pick up the quest, it directs you to the Ordinal Tower, which is in South Aelio.

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If you do not see the quest, you have to complete chapter 1 of the main story arc, or the Aelio region quests.

After picking up the quest, you must travel to South Aelio to find the Ordinal Tower. Players have to go to the coast of the region where they will find a waterfall. The Ordinal Tower can be found inside a cave under the waterfall.

You have to enter the cave and walk until you find a big door. By going through the door, you commence the Ordinal Tower quest.

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As previously stated, you have to complete a rank to move onto the next, and each rank has specific requirements. For instance, rank 1 requires a level 15 or higher character, and your battle power has to be at least 1063.

If you are below level 15, or you do not have enough battle power, you should improve your character.

This is because you will not be able to complete the rank if you do not meet the specific requirements to do so. The monsters in the rank will be too powerful for you to defeat.

Moreover, each rank has clear conditions, so you will fail the rank if you do not meet the conditions. For example, if you die more than 5 times in rank 1, you fail the rank.

How to increase battle power

Battle power is a comprehensive quantification of player statistics and equipment performance. There are various methods that can increase your battle power. The easiest way to increase your battle power is by levelling up your character, as this usually adds between 10 and 20 power points.

Alternatively, you can apply skill points, which can be procured from Cocoons and Towers.

Moreover, players can increase their battle power using all skill points in both main and sub class skill trees.

You can also equip stronger weapons and more powerful armour to increase your Battle Power. Enhancing weapons and armour also increases your statistics, however, it depends on how enhanced the weapon or armour piece is.

How to teleport

Players have to travel to South Aelio to reach the Ordinal Cave. In order to fast travel, you must unlock Ryker devices. These are pylons that are scattered all over the map, including main cities and hub areas. Ryker devices have a distinct green glow, which makes them easy to find.

Once you interact with a divide, the option to teleport to that pylon becomes available. You should note that you cannot teleport to a Ryker device that you have yet to discover.

This means that you have to walk to the Ryker device in South Aelio to use the fast travel option.

Do you have to complete the Ordinal Tower?

It is noteworthy that it is not mandatory to complete the Ordinal Tower, as it does not influence your progression in PSO2: NGS. However, it is advisable that you attempt to complete it, as the rewards can help you progress in the game.

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