PSO2 NGS: Ordinal Tower drops

There are numerous rewards that you can acquire for completing the Ordinal Tower in PSO2: NGS, including an Obsidia weapon.

Gamers can join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in this thrilling video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). The game is set on a planet called Halpha, 1000 years after the Oracle events.

As the player, you have to team up with a mysterious ally to defeat a powerful threat called the DOLLS. NGS’ developer, Sega, occasionally introduces new content and activities into the game for players to enjoy.

They recently introduced the Ordinal Tower, and by completing it, you can get rewards.

Ordinal Tower in PSO2: NGS

The Ordinal Tower in NGS can be found on the coast of South Aelio, but players should keep in mind that they have to travel through a waterfall to find its entrance.

The tower has 7 different ranks, each of which has bosses to defeat. Each rank has a specific time limit, and if you do not complete the rank within the time period, you will fail the rank, and thus, you will have to attempt to complete it again.

Before you can enter the tower, you have to complete a quest, which can be acquired from Schlacht, who is in Central City.

PSO2 NGS: Ordinal Tower drops

It is important to note that you can only move on to the following rank of the Ordinal Tower once you have completed the level that you are on at the time. This means that you have to complete rank 1, in order to unlock rank 2.

After every rank that you complete, you will be rewarded with several items. By completing rank 1 through 6, you can expect regular drops. This includes but is not limited to seasonal weapons like the Tempesta set, various minerals, and limit breaks and potential skips for specific rarities.

The rarity limit break and potential skips are dependent on the rank of the Ordinal Tower that you completed. For example, by completing rank 6, you can get a N-6 Potential Unlock Substitute.

Although these rewards may seem somewhat insignificant, they can help you advance your character, as it removes the required gear for limit breaks and potentials.

In addition to these rewards, you will earn rewards for clearing a rank for the first time. However, these rewards are account wide, which means that even if you clear a rank on a second character, you will not receive them again.

By clearing ranks for the first time, you will receive:

Rank Rewards
  • 10 Arms Refiners
  • 10 N-HU-EX Cubes
  • 10 N-RA-EX Cubes
  • 10 N-FO-EX Cubes
  • Efitus Armor: Arga
  • 10 N-FI-EX Cubes
  • 10 N-GU-EX Cubes
  • 10 N-TE-EX Cubes
  • 200 Photon Scale
  • 10 N-BR-EX Cubes
  • 10 N-BO-EX Cubes
  • 10 N-WA-EX Cubes

Rank 1 to 6 follow the same principle with regard to rewards, while rank 7 rewards players receive 2 Shoulder Migratory Birds when they complete it for the first time.

Rank 7 rewards

In addition to the 2 Shoulder Migratory Bird accessory, PSO2: NGS players will earn a title when they complete rank 7 of the Ordinal Tower for the first time.

This title enables you to claim a free Obsidia weapon, but the type of weapon that you receive depends on the class that you completed the rank with.

If you complete rank 7 with a Bouncer, you will get Soaring Blades and Jet Boats, while Braver characters will get a Katana and a Bow.

The Obsidia weapon that you obtain will only be enhanced to level 40, and it is thus up to you to enhance it further.

What should your battle power be for Ordinal Tower?

Before you can attempt to clear a rank in the Ordinal Tower, you have to ensure that your character has the required amount of battle power. For rank 1, it is recommended that your character has at least 1063 battle power.

Bear in mind that the required amount of battle power only increases as you complete the ranks. This means that you have to increase your character’s battle power before you can attempt to complete the higher ranks of Ordinal Tower.

Secret Bosses

Ordinal Tower has 2 secret bosses for you to defeat, however, you first have to complete rank 7. Once its completed, you can go to the spawning room, where you will find 2 paths on the left and right hand sides of the main path.

These paths lead to the 2 secret bosses, however, you can only unlock the bosses if you have defeated them in a specific order.

You can earn more rewards after defeating the secret bosses.

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