PSO2: NGS’ new boss, Dark Falz Aegis, launches 8 February

PSO2: NGS recently announced that a new Colossal Boss, Dark Falz Aegis, will be added to the game.

In Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, you can join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation. It is your responsibility to help the organisation defeat a powerful enemy called the DOLLS.

Sega, PSO2: NGS’ developer, recently announced that a new Colossal Boss, which is called Dark Falz Aegis, will soon be added to the game.

Why do developers introduce new features to games?

Video game developers occasionally add new features and content to games through updates. Allegedly, the new content tends to keep the game exciting and therefore, gamers are more likely to continue playing the game.

However, new content and features also attract new players, which means that the number of players enjoying a game will increase.

It is important that a game receives new content and updates, otherwise gamers would have to complete the same content over and over again. The game will eventually get monotonous, and gamers will stop playing it.

PSO2: NGS’ new boss, Dark Falz Aegis, launches 8 February

During the 2023 Roadmap livestream, PSO2: NGS announced that several new features will be added to the game. One of the new activities that gamers can enjoy is Dark Falz Aegis, which is a Colossal Boss suppression Urgent Quest.

PSO2: NGS’ new boss, Dark Falz Aegis, launches 8 February
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Urgent Quests are unique quests that occur at special times in a day and can only be accepted during the time period that it appears.

These quests occur on the hour and a unique notification of an upcoming Urgent Quest is displayed at the top of the screen. The notification will be sent out 15 minutes before the Urgent Quest is available to be accepted.

Dark Falz Aegis features 2 types of limited-time quests for players to complete. However, keep in mind that you may encounter special versions of enemies in Explorative Sectors for a limited time.

You can also enjoy a Collaboration Scratch Ticket event that corresponds with the Dark Falz Aegis.

The Dark Falz Aegis battle will take place in Halphia Lake, where you will encounter an upgraded Dark Falz. For this battle, Dark Falz has several new abilities and move sets that prevent players from defeating him.

Allegedly, this battle requires a party of 8 players, so it is advisable that you do not attempt to complete it as a solo player.

Moreover, it is recommended that only mid-game and endgame players attempt to defeat him, as early-game players may struggle and be unsuccessful.

Dark Falz Aegis rewards

Unfortunately, Sega is yet to release further details about Dark Falz Aegis. However, it is known that you can acquire a new exchange item, Aegis Integra, by defeating the Colossal Boss. Aegis Integra has been added to the Item Trader.

This resource is a core component, and it can be traded for other items at an Item Trader’s Aegis Integra Exchange. Once you have Aegis Integra, you can head to your nearest Item Exchange non-player-character (NPC) to acquire other items.

You can purchase Neos Astraean, the new 8-star weapon series, and several augments with Aegis Integra. It is worth noting that the weapon series requires 5 Aegis Integra while the augments only require 1.

When will Dark Falz Aegis be added to the game?

Allegedly, Dark Falz Aegis will be added to the game on Wednesday, 8 February 2023, after the scheduled maintenance, though the Aegis Integra Exchange Shop has already been added to PSO2: NGS.

Players should note that they cannot purchase items from the shop as they need to defeat the Colossal Boss to acquire Aegis Integra.

You should make sure to update your game regularly to ensure you that have the latest version installed.

The Neos Astraean weapon

Once you have collected enough Aegis Integra from the Dark Falz Aegis, you can purchase the new 8-star weapon, Neos Astraean. Unfortunately, the weapon’s specifics and potentials are yet to be revealed.

Players should keep an eye on the official PSO2: NGS website as all official announcements are made on the site. Since Neos Astraean is an 8-star weapon, players are expecting it to be quite powerful.

In the item exchange shop, you will notice that there are different types of Neos Astraean available. It is crucial that you purchase the correct weapon for your character’s class. If you choose the wrong weapon, your character’s performance will deteriorate.

Fortunately, you can exchange the weapon for Aegis Integra at the exchange shop to get the correct weapon type.

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