PSO2: NGS: Neos Astraean

PSO2: NGS players can now procure a new 8-star weapon, Neos Astraean, by farming Aegis Integra.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an explorative video game that invites gamers to enjoy tactical battles. Since it is an online game, you can enjoy its content with players across the globe.

There are numerous weapons that you can acquire in PSO2: NGS. Sega, the game’s developer, recently added a new 8-star weapon series to the game called Neos Astraean.

Why are weapons important?

Although weapons may seem like a simple feature in PSO2: NGS, they are a key component of the game.

When you first start playing the game, your character will be equipped with basic weapons,as you gain higher levels, the enemies you have to defeat will become more powerful.

It is thus vital that you regularly update your weapons so that you can defeat the higher-level enemies. Without a weapon equipped, you will not be able to defeat monsters and complete quests. This means that you will not progress in the game.

PSO2 NGS: Neos Astraean

There are numerous weapons in PSO2:NGS, each of which is divided into varying star ratings. The star rating of a weapon signifies how rare and powerful the weapon is.

Therefore, a 1-star weapon is considered basic and can easily be acquired, whereasan 8-star weapon is extremely rare and is considered the best type of weapon in the game.

Sega recently added a new 8-star weapon to the game, Neos Astraean. Unfortunately, not much has been revealed about the new weapon yet. Players should keep an eye on the official PSO2: NGS website as all official announcements are made on the site.

Although the weapon’s specifics and potentials are yet to be revealed, it has been revealed how you can get it. In order to obtain a Neos Astraean weapon, you have to collect 5 Aegis Integra exchange items.

Aegis Integra is a core component from the Dark Falz Aegis. It can be traded for items at an Item Trader’s Aegis Integra Exchange. Dark Falz Aegis is a new activity in PSO2: NGS which is expected to launch on 8 February 2023.

Dark Falz Aegis features a new Colossal Boss that requires a team of 8-players to defeat it. The boss’ skills and abilities are yet to be revealed.

Moreover, no one knows the strategy to defeat the boss yet. However, you have a chance of getting Aegis Integra once you have defeated the boss.

When you have 5 Aegis Integra, you can go to the Exchange shop non-player character to purchase your Neos Astraean weapon.

Which weapon type should your character use?

The Neos Astraean weapon series consists of different weapon types. Each class in PSO2: NGS specialises in a specific weapon. The following table lists the Neos Astraean weapon that each class should use:

Class Weapon
  • Neos Astraean Dual Blades
  • Neos Astraean Jet Boots
  • Neos Astraean Katana
  • Neos Astraean Bow
  • Neos Astraean Want
  • Neos Astraean Rod
  • Neos Astraean Twin Machine Guns
  • Neos Astraean Rifle
  • Neos Astraean Knuckles
  • Neos Astraean Sword

It is crucial to remember that if you purchased the wrong weapon for your character, you can exchange the weapon for Aegis Integra at the in-game shop. Once you have your Aegis Integra, you can use it to procure the correct weapon type.

Neos Astraean details

The Neos Astraean is an 8-star weapon with a level requirement of 70. This essentially means that only mid-game and endgame players will be able to use the weapon. Unfortunately, the weapon’s details and potentials have yet to be revealed to players.

However, it has been announced that the weapon’s base attack is 535. That being said, players can improve the weapon’s attack to a maximum of 761.

In order to improve your Neos Astraean weapon, you can go through the enhancement and limit breaking process. You can also slot Augments to improve Neos Astraean’s capabilities.

Items you can purchase with Aegis Integra

In addition to purchasing a Neos Astraean weapon, you can purchase the following items:

Item Price
Aegis Integra (5) Target Neos Astraean series
C/Aegis Soul IV (10) 1 Aegis Integra
C/Ael Domina (5) 1 Aegis Integra
C/Ret Domina (5) It requires 1 Aegis Integra
C/Kvar Domina (5) 1 Aegis Integra
C/Stira Domina (5) 1 Aegis Integra

These augments can have a great impact on your character once they are slotted. They can increase your Photon Points and Potency. Your PSO2: NGS character can benefit from additional health points while their Damage Resistance is decreased.

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