PSO2 NGS: N-Master Cube

PSO2: NGS’ recent Headline introduced a new material known as N-Master Cube, which is used to generate Add-on Skill 5

ARKS are brave heroes which defend the planet of Halpha from the unknown threat of the DOLLS in this exciting video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

You have to create and control a character to become a member of the ARKS organization and partner with a mysterious ally to vanquish enemies.

N-Master Cube

On Tuesday, 26 September 2023, PSO2:NGS released a new Headline to explain what players can expect for the game in the upcoming maps.

This Headline revealed that the developers plan to release an array of enhancements, improvements and new features.

These new aspects officially launched in the game on Wednesday, 11 October 2023.

According to the Headline, the maximum Class level has been increased to level 80 and you can now create individual Cel Shading Settings for different characters within the same account.

Furthermore, the update released Add-on Skill 4 and Add-on Skill 5 for the Generate Add-on Skill feature.

Add-on skills are unique modifiers of classes which can enhance the capabilities of certain aspects of a class through its Main Effects and Sub Effects.

To generate the first 3 Add-on skills, players had to use an N-Class EX Cube as well as the in-game currency, N-Meseta.

In order to generate Add-on Skill 4, you need approximately 5 000 N-Meseta and 100 Class Cubes. However, if you are interested in generating Add-on Skill 5, you need to procure a new material called a N-Master Cube.

PSO2 NGS: N-Master Cube
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On the official PSO2:NGS Discord Server, a player named Piperpimper revealed that you have to acquire 5 N-Master Cubes to generate an Add-on Skill.

This means that you can benefit from a level 20 main skill as well as 2 level 20 sub-skills.

Add-On skills

Every class in PSO2: NGS has 1 main skill and 2 sub-skills. The following table lists the Add-on skills for some of the classes that you can encounter in the game:

Class Main Effect Sub Effects
Hunter Melee Weapon Potency Up
  • PA Charge Movement Speed Up
  • Burn Resistance Up
Ranger Ranged Weapon Potency Up
  • Photon Blast Potency Up
  • Shock Resistance Up
Force  Technique Weapon Potency Up
  • Natural PP Recovery Up
  • Panic Resistance Up
Braver Critical Hit Rate Up
  • Restasigne Heal Amount Up
  • Burn Resistance Up
Waker PP Up
  •  Stationary HP Recovery
  • Shock Resistance Up

How to acquire N-Master Cubes

PSO2: NGS did not exactly explain how players can acquire the new resource, N-Master Cubes.

However, according to Piperpimper, you can procure a N-Master Cube for free by completing the title from the Mining Rig, but you may need to complete it several times before you will get the N-Master Cube.

Piperpimper also revealed that there is a rare chance that the N-Master Cubes can appear in the Treasure Shop, however, they will cost approximately 5 million N-Meseta.

Players should therefore be aware that getting the N-Master Cubes is no easy feat and may take some time before you are able to collect enough for Add-on Skill 5.

How to activate Add-on Skill 4 and 5

Once you have enough N-Master Cubes, you have to go to the same counter where you activated the first few Add-On Skills.

You then have to select the “Generate Add-on Skill” option and select the class for which you want to generate Add-on 5.

After clicking on either Add-on Skill 4 or 5, you need to confirm the process to roll for another skill. Keep in mind that the effects of this skill will already be level 20, unlike the other Add-on Skills.

Do you need to generate additional Add-on skills?

Although the new Add-on Skills and N-Master Cubes have recently been added to the game, and as a result, few PSO2:NGS players have access to them, it is alleged that these Add-on Skills and N-Master Cubes will become a vital component of your character’s progress and growth.

We therefore recommend that you acquire the N-Master Cubes as soon as possible so that you can generate Add-on Skill 5 for your character as soon as possible.

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