PSO2 NGS: Maintenance

PSO2: NGS regularly undergoes maintenance to ensure that you have the best gaming experience.

Gamers can join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). You can also create and control a fictional character in a persistent world.

The game’s developer, Sega, regularly performs maintenance on PSO2: NGS to ensure that players have the best and most seamless experience in the game.

What is the objective of PSO2: NGS?

As part of the ARKS organisation, it is your duty to defeat a powerful enemy known as the DOLLS. The game takes place on the fictional planet, Halpha, 1000 years after the adventures of Oracle. You have to team up with mysterious allies called the Meteorn.

Meteorns  are alien beings that arrived on the planet via pods from outer space. They are here to help you defeat the DOLLS, however, you still have to farm the best weapons and gear in PSO2: NGS to vanquish the powerful enemy.

PSO2 NGS: Maintenance

PSO2: NGS is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was globally released in North America and Japan in 2021.

In August 2022, the game was released globally for PlayStation4. Although the game is a few years old, it still undergoes regular maintenance.

Players have to be patient when server maintenance occurs because developers want to make improvements or updates so that the experience of playing PSO2: NGS is improved. Often, the main reasons for maintenance are bug fixes, providing new patches, adding new events, and updating the game version.

Usually, you cannot play PSO2: NGS when server maintenance is happening. That being said, PSO2: NGS warns players ahead of time when server maintenance will take place.

It is therefore recommended that you keep an eye on the official PSO2: NGS website, as all official news, announcements, and maintenance updates are posted on the site.

When the maintenance ends, you have to update your game to ensure that you have the latest version of the game installed. Players will not be able to play PSO2: NGS if they do not have the latest version of the game installed.

Server maintenance is crucial for any video game as the developers have to resolve bugs regularly. If the developers do not resolve the problems, players could stop playing a game entirely. Sometimes, server maintenance adds new content to an already existing game.

This means that a server update can introduce new events, regions, enemies, quests, and items to PSO2: NGS.

When does server maintenance occur?

Unfortunately, there is not a schedule for PSO2: NGS’ maintenance. However, Sega will always warn players before the time when server maintenance will take place.

There is a possibility that an urgent server maintenance may have to be done, and in that case, Sega will not announce the maintenance ahead of time.

However, they are likely to inform players of the maintenance when it is happening. Urgent maintenance is not a regular occurrence, but sometimes there is an issue in PSO2: NGS that needs to be resolved immediately.

There have been cases where developers made a mistake with new content, such as making an item’s drop rate higher than it should be, in which case an urgent maintenance had to be done to correct the mistake.

How many times does PSO2: NGS undergo maintenance?

Although PSO2: NGS has already been released, it still undergoes maintenance to ensure that players are having the best experience playing the game. Since its release, the game has had more than 50 maintenance updates.

It is vital that a game gets regular updates as new bugs appear daily. Maintenance also adds new content to PSO2: NGS, which makes the game more exciting for veteran players. However, it also motivates new players to try out PSO2: NGS.

Players should note that maintenance will not stop in the future. This is because the developers want to make the gaming experience as smooth as possible for gamers.

Latest maintenance

PSO2: NGS’s latest maintenance was announced on Tuesday, 31 January 2023. The official announcement explained that the availability of weekly tasks and limited time tasks that end at 19:00 parasitic time on the day of scheduled maintenance will end at the beginning of the scheduled maintenance period.

Moreover, characters that have completed the Application for Ship Transfer during the scheduled maintenance will be transferred.

However, AC will not be consumed until the Ship Transfer is complete. The announcement also revealed that ship transfer applications will be processed according to the order in which they were submitted.

However, some ship transfers may be postponed until the next scheduled maintenance if the number of submitted applications is excessive.

The scheduled maintenance will occur from Wednesday, 1 February 2023 4:00 Greenwich Mean Time +2and ends on Wednesday, 1 February 2023 10:00 Greenwich Mean Time +2.

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