PSO2 NGS: List of Expensive augments

The most expensive Augments in PSO2: NGS are Mastery IV and the Addi Augments, which are subject to change.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is a video game that invites players to evaluate their tactical abilities.

As its name suggests, PSO2: NGS is based on the classic game, Phantasy Star Online, and therefore, you can experience similar aspects throughout the series.

However, NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, so you can enjoy updated graphics and mechanics. Since you are part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS), you have to defeat a powerful threat.

In addition to completing the main story arc of NGS, players can harvest resources, collect augments, defeat enemies, and complete trials. There are numerous augments in NGS, but some are extremely expensive.

What is augmenting?

The augmenting process enables players to enchant their weapons and armor. Augments offer players a variety of bonuses to a specific item, which has an influence on your gameplay. These bonuses include an increase in damage dealt, additional health points, and providing your character with damage resistance.

Augments can be acquired by collecting Augment Capsules, which you can obtain by defeating enemies. Players can add Augments to their items by visiting the Item Lab’s non-player character in Central City.

You can use up to 10 Augment Capsules together in the same process. Each Capsule could be affixed based on its rarity and other factors.

PSO2 NGS: List of Expensive augments

There are more than 20 Augments that you can procure in NGS, but some are considered better than others. Allegedly, Augments that provide more benefits to your character are more expensive than others.

PSO2 NGS: Expensive augments list
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At the time of writing this, the Mastery IV and Addi Augments are the most expensive Augments in the game. The table below lists the effects of these augments:

Augment name Affects
Mastery IV It increases your character’s potency and damage resistance by 2.5 percent
Addi Deftmel Your character will benefit from a 2.5 percent increase in melee weapon potency and it has a 2.5 percent potency floor increase
Addi Defftech It increases technique weapon potency by 2.5 percent. However, the potency floor increases by 2.5 percent
Addi Guara This Augment increases ranged weapon potency and damage resistance by 2.5 percent
Addi Spira Your character benefits from 6 additional Photon Points and a 2.5 percent increase in ranged weapon potency
Addi Stamel It provides your character with 20 extra health points and increases the melee weapon potency with 2.5 percent
Addi Stasipitech This Augment increases your Technique Weapon Potency by 2.5 percent and provides your character with 3 additional Photon Points and 10 additional Health Points
Addi Wardra Your character will benefit from a 2.5 percent ranged weapon potency increase and a 20 percent all down resistance increase

However, the most expensive Augments are subject to change as NGS will release an update which increases the maximum level that a character can be.

The update, which is scheduled for Wednesday, 5 October 2022, will enable players to increase their character’s class level to 65. PSO2: NGS players believe that this update will impact the Augments and their prices significantly.

PSO2 NGS: Expensive augments list
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Can Augments be acquired by Scratch Tickets?

Every Addi Augment can be acquired using Arks Cash (AC) Scratch Tickets. It is worth noting that these Scratch Tickets can only be purchased with real-life money. To use a Scratch Ticket, open the main menu before you select the shop icon.

In the new window, you have to click on the Play Scratch Ticket option and select the Scratch Ticket that you wish to play from those that are available.

How to equip an Augment

To slot an Augment on any weapon or gear item, you have to interact with a non-player character who has access to the Item Lab. While talking to the NPC, you can choose the option to add Augments, which will trigger and open a new menu.

On the left hand side of the menu, you will find a list of all the gear and weapons in your inventory. You then have to select the item that you want to enhance before you select the Augments.

You should know that when you use 1 copy of an Augment Capsule, you will have a very low chance of affixing the Augment to the equipment successfully. If you use multiple copies of the same capsule, the success rate will increase.

Can Augments be exchanged?

Certain Augments can be exchanged in the Augment Capsule Exchange Shop, which you can access through an Item Lab vendor. You can get various Augments in exchange for a specific quantity of Augment Capsules.

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