PSO2 NGS: Invisible Boxes

In the new PSO2: NGS region, Stia, you will find invisible boxes which drop Infernium, Alpha Reactors and N-EX Cubes.

Players are invited to join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation in this fantasy game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

There are numerous regions to explore, enemies to conquer, and collectibles to procure. While exploring the new Stia region, you may come across invisible boxes.

Stia Region

PSO2: NGS recently added a new region called Stia to the game. The new region is southeast of Kvaris and north of Retem. When looking at its biome, it is the complete opposite of Kvaris.

Instead of high mountains, Stia tends to go underground. Similarly to other regions in PSO2: NGS, Stia consists of a combat and exploration sector.

The exploration sector invites players to explore the region and to harvest its resources. The combat sector, on the other hand, contains new enemies for you to defeat in order to obtain loot.

PSO2 NGS: Invisible Boxes

Stia introduced new quests for you to complete, towers and cocoons to discover, and an array of new enemies to defeat. One of the daily quests that you can complete in Stia requires that you  locate invisible boxes.

Players can allegedly find the invisible boxes in Mediola Plant or Dreisen Plant, both of which are areas in Stia.

In order to reach the Plant, players can start their journey at Stia Camp, which is situated in the South of Stia. If you head northwest, you will eventually reach the Plant, where you may find invisible boxes.

PSO2 NGS: Invisible Boxes
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At the time of writing this, it is unknown whether the invisible boxes are a daily feature, or if they spawn randomly. This also means that it is unconfirmed how many invisible boxes you can procure every day.

It is noteworthy that the invisible boxes, as the name implies, are invisible, and therefore, they are difficult to find. That being said though, your Mag can still detect the boxes even when they are transparent. This feature makes it easier to find the invisible boxes.

If you do not want to use your Mag detector, it is advisable that you search the area for a slight glowing feature, as the boxes have a glow around them.

Once you have found an invisible box, you can collect it and open it to receive rewards. Players can obtain Alpha Reactors, Infernium and N-EX Cubes from an invisible box.

That being said, it is not guaranteed that you will get these items, and thus, you should not expect them to drop. If you do get the items, you can use them to make your gameplay easier.

Alpha Reactor

The main objective of Alpha Reactors is to upgrade weapons and to enhance an item’s Battle Power. Alpha Reactors are thus a vital component for making sure that a weapon and armour is at its highest level.

Once you have acquired an Alpha Reactor, you can upgrade your items at the Item Counter, which is located across the Class Counter.

Since the item is so rare, it can be a great source for making some in-game money. If your items have been fully levelled, you can sell your Alpha Reactors to other players to get some currency, which you can use to purchase numerous things.


Infernium is a rare new mineral in PSO2: NGS that can only be found in the Stia region. Although it is a mineral, it can be used to acquire various items such as the new 8-star weapon series, Kouklophis.

In order to exchange your Infernium, you can go to the new exchange non-player character in Stia Camp.

In the exchange menu, you will find that there is an array of Kouklophis weapons available. You should ensure that you purchase the correct weapon for your character, as each class specialises in a specific weapon.

You can also use your Infernium to purchase Arms Refiners, Kouklophis Camos, N-EX Cubes, and C/Alts Secreta IV, amongst other things.

N-EX Cubes

N-EX Cubes is a crystal that is granted to those who seek power. These are mostly used for various purposes, such as unlocking Potentials at the Item Lab. If you unlock a potential, you get weapon-specific abilities that grant a weapon unique effects.

Potentials can only be unlocked on weapons that are at +10 grind levels. When you are unlocking or levelling up a potential, the weapon’s grind level is reverted back to 0, however, its abilities, elemental percentage, and extension level remains intact.

Bear in mind that you need a specific number of N-EX Cubes before you can unlock a potential. That being said, unlocking a Potential generally requires 4 or 5 N-EX Cubes.

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