PSO2 NGS: Icicle Orb

Players can farm Icicle Orbs in PSO2: NGS by completing trials, and once you have enough orbs, you can get valuable items.

In this tactical game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS), players can put their strategic abilities to the test while enjoying role-playing features.

New Genesis is an updated version of the well-renowned game, Phantasy Star Online 2, hence, you can experience new graphics, gameplay, and content.

The game is set approximately a thousand years after the events of Oracle on a fictional planet called Halpha. While exploring the vast open world, you will find numerous regions, and each one has unique activities that you can enjoy. You can earn rewards, such as Icicle Orbs for completing specific activities.

Why is having assorted activities crucial?

According to research, having several activities and events in a game keeps players interested in the game. On top of that, the range of activities offer gamers assorted content, which increases the chance that more people will participate in something they enjoy in the game.

The game’s developer will occasionally host in-game events, during which time you can obtain rare and desirable items by completing specific objectives. This ensures that players do not find the game monotonous, and motivates them to play the game more often.

PSO2 NGS: Icicle Orb

One activity you can enjoy in Kvaris is a trial, which is an interrupted event that can occur in the Exploration or Combat Sectors. Trial Markers, also known as T-Markers, will be displayed where there is a trial.

Keep in mind that a trial’s time limit does not start until a player interacts with the trial’s targets. There are more than 10 trials in PSO2:NGS, some of which are located in Kvaris Exploration sectors and Belugana Ruins.

Every time you complete this trial, you will earn several rewards, including 1500 Meseta, Icicle Orbs and Low Temperature Damage Resistance. The Icicle Orbs are a mysterious energy material that can be used to change items with Reso in Kvaris Camp.

PSO2 NGS: Icicle Orb
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You can also open Frozen Item Containers for a chance to get Icicle Orbs. Frozen Item Containers are loot boxes covered in thick ice that can only be destroyed by hitting them with a Floating Board or colliding them with a Crystalline Ice Shard.

Once you have some Icicle Orbs, you can go to Reso, who is the vendor for Kvaris’ Exchange Shop. It is worth noting that you have to complete a series of tasks before you can access the shop.

Reso’s tasks

In order to gain access to Kvaris Exchange Shop, you have to speak to Reso, who will give you 2 quests. You have to complete the first mission before he gives you the second:

Task name Description Reward
Selection and Focus I Reso tasks you with defeating Crocodylis to determine whether you are qualified to receive a special item
  • 5 000 Meseta
  • 1 000 000 experience points
Selection and Focus I Reso requires that you defeat Equalizing Enemies to gauge whether you are qualified to receive an item
  • 5 000 Meseta
  • 1 000 000 experience points
PSO2 NGS: Icicle Orb
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What can you purchase with Icicle Orbs?

After unlocking Kvaris’ Exchange Shop, you can trade your Icicle orbs for valuable items:

Name Description Price
Low Temperature Damage Resistance + 100 percent It increases your character’s Low Temperature Damage Resistance by 100 percent for 60 minutes
  • 100 Icicle Orbs
  • 20 Notable Kvaris Meat
  • 20 Notable Kvaris Squids
  • 20 Notable Kvaris Persimmon
  • 20 Target Gathering Materials
Decold Might It increases your Low Temperature Damage Resistance by 25 percent and your melee weapon potency is increased by 2.5 percent
  • 100 Icicle Orbs
  • 5 Gigas Might III
  • Decold Standard III
Kaizaar weapons Players can get any of the Kaizaar weapons in the series. These powerful weapons are the first 7-star items in the game
  • 900 Icicle Orbs
  • 150 Blizzardium
  • Icicle Cubs
  • Required Rokz item
PSO2 NGS: Icicle Orb
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Which trials can you complete?

You should note that not all trials will reward you with Icicle Orbs. If you are farming the material, it is recommended that you focus on these trials:

Trial name Area Description
Frost Zone enemy suppression Kvaris Exploration Sectors and Belugana Ruins Players have to suppress enemies that appear over a wide area. Make use of Floating Boards and Dash Rings to defeat foes
Blizzard Zone enemy suppression Any Kvaris Region Exploration or Combat sector You have to defeat enemies while a Frost Cyclone rages. Defeat all enemies to clear the trial
Cold Photon Excitation Any Kvaris Region Exploration or Combat sector In this trial, numerous Cold Photos appear, and they can only be destroyed by throwing Crystalline Ice Shards at them

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