PSO2 NGS: Icicle Cube

An Icicle Cube in PSO2: NGS is a mysterious material that can be used to obtain items in the Item Exchange Shop.

Gamers can test their tactical skills while enjoying role-playing elements in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). The game takes place in the vast open world of Halpha, 1000 years after the Oracle events.

As part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, it is up to you to team up with a mysterious ally and defeat a powerful threat called the DOLLS.

While you are progressing in the main story arc, you can enjoy numerous activities and occasional in-game events. You can also collect and gather gear, complete quests, defeat enemies, and harvest resources like Icicle Cubes.

What are the resource types?

You can find a variety of resources in PSO2: NGS, each of which has been categorised by their type. Each resource serves a unique purpose in the game. Some of the resource types in NGS include, but are not limited to:

Resource type Description
Enhancements These materials are primarily used to enhance and upgrade your weapons and armour. Enhancing a weapon or armour piece makes the item stronger
Exchange You can exchange these materials for N-Meseta, which is one of the in-game currencies
Minerals You can use minerals to unlock Potentials
Consumables There are different foods that you can obtain and consume to receive additional buffs and benefits

PSO2 NGS: Icicle Cube

One of the miscellaneous materials in PSO2: NGS is an Icicle Cube. You can acquire this mysterious energy material from ancient enemies and from the Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris. However, players can also earn it as a reward from the relentless training in Kvaris 3-III.

PSO2 NGS: Ancient Enemies
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An Icicle Cube is generally used to exchange items with Reso in Kvaris. The Kvaris Exchange Shop allows players to exchange materials for useful items in the Kvaris Region.

It is essential to note that the Quantity Limit of this shop resets weekly. The table below lists the items that you can get in exchange for Icicle Cubes:

Item Price
Decold Standard II
  • 10 x Decold Standard I
  • 1 Icicle Cube
Decold Standard III
  • 10 x Decold Standard II
  • 10 x Icicle Cubes
  • 1 Blizzardium
Kaizaar Sword
  • Rokz Roughen Sword
  • 60 x Icicle Cubes
  • 900 x Icicle Orbs
  • 150 x Blizzardium
Kaizaar Wire
  • Rokz Sixiemes Wire
  • 60 x Icicle Cubes
  • 900 x Icicle Orbs
  • 150 x Blizzardium
Kaizaar Boots
  • Rokz Sixiemes Boots
  • 60 x Icicle Cubes
  • 900 x Icicle Orbs
  • 150 x Blizzardium

Although the Icicle Cubes do not have an impressive purpose in PSO2: NGS, they can help you get a Kaizaar item. The Kaizaar weapon set is considered one of the best sets in the game.

Ancient Enemies

Ancient Enemies can only be found in the caves of Rayjord Gorge that have the Ancient designation. The enemies spawn allegedly every 10 minutes, and the timer will begin once a player has created a room instance, and once the Ancient Enemy has been defeated.

PSO2 NGS: Ancient Enemies
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Not only are these enemies more powerful than Gigantix, but healing effects are reduced inside the caves. It is thus recommended that you prepare your character accordingly before you attempt to defeat an Ancient Enemy.

These enemies are known to drop Icicle Cubes, which can be exchanged for other useful items at the Kvaris Exchange Shop.

Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris

Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris is a new Urgent Quest that was introduced to PSO2: NGS on 17 August 2022. To complete this quest, you have to defend a resource mining rig from enemy attacks.

The enemy attacks come in successive Waves, and the objective is to work with other players to defend the rig successfully until the end of the final wave. Even though the structural damage will affect the rank you receive, it does not affect the rewards that you earn for completing the quest.

In addition to earning Icicle Cubes, you can receive Kaizaar Almati, Icicle Orbs, Rugged series weapons, Theseus series, and Vif Armor, among other items.

Relentless training in Kvaris 3-III

Ronaldine is a non-player character that you can find in the main cities of PSO2: NGS. She provides challenging tasks to players and can also provide time-limited tasks during certain time periods.

One of the tasks that she offers is Relentless training in Kvaris 3-III. The official description states that the Advanced Training Instructor has tasked you with supressing boss enemies to gain some experience. Your target location is Kvaris.

For completing it the first time, you will get 3 Icicle Cubes, while clearing it the second time will reward you with 1 Gold Primm Sword and 1 Gold Primm Armor.

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