PSO2 NGS: Gunner guide

The Gunner class in PSO2: NGS is fairly easy to play if you use the correct weapons.

You can put your tactical abilities to the test in this exhilarating video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

As part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, it is your responsibility to team up with a mysterious ally to defeat a powerful threat.

Before you can explore the vast open world of Halpha, you can create and customise a character. Players can choose their character’s gender, race, facial expressions, hairstyle and colour, as well as their height, among other traits.

One of the most important features that you have to select during this phase is your character’s class, one of which is the Gunner.


After choosing your character’s appearance, you will get the opportunity to select their class. PSO2: NGS currently features more than 5 classes for you to choose from.

Every class has unique abilities, which can be used to defeat enemies or to heal one another. Moreover, every class uses a specific weapon to attack enemies:

Class Description
Hunter These characters generally play the tank in battle, which makes the sword the best weapon for them
Ranger The main weapon of this class is the rifle, as they can defeat enemies in both short and long-ranged combat
Force They typically use Rod and Talis weapons to support the rest of their party
Techer Techers often use a wand, which has 3 types of powerful techniques, including Fire, Ice and Lightning

PSO2 NGS: Gunner guide

One of the classes that you can assume in PSO2: NGS is the Gunner, which is geared towards close range combat. Gunners excel at wielding ranged weapons and they make light work of enemies with their great mobility and relentless torrent of bullets.

As a Gunner, you can use machine guns or a rifle. Machine guns are ranged weapons that are best used at close to medium range. This mobility-based weapon deals additional damage to enemies within a 10 meter range.

A machine gun’s weapon action is Stylish Roll, which enables your character to roll left or right to dodge an incoming attack. Your character is immune to all damage while Stylish Roll is active. This skill is considered the best dodges in PSO2: NGS, and Gunners are advised to use it as much as possible.

Although machine guns are the weapon of choice for Gunners, you can also use a rifle. Keep in mind that the rifle’s ability, Blight Rounds, is a Ranger exclusive skill, so the weapon has limited uses for Gunners.

However, the rifle’s Slide Shot allows the user to slide out of the way of an enemy attack, while dealing damage. Even though it is a fantastic weapon action, machine guns offer superior mobility and perform better with the Gunner’s skills.

Similarly to other classes in PSO2: NGS, Gunners have several skills, however, some of the skills can be difficult to understand.

Gunner skills in PSO2: NGS

There are allegedly enough skill points available to purchase every skill available to the Gunner class. As a Gunner, you can access class-exclusive skills, such as the Chain Trigger.

Some of the recommended skills that you can invest in as a Gunner are:

Skill name Description
Chain Trigger After a charged Photon Art, players can continue attacking to construct a Chain. You can then deal another charged Photon Art to trigger a powerful Chain Finisher boost
Chain Boost For a set time after Chain Finisher Boost has triggered, Weapon Actions will change. The attack speed increases depending on the size of the chain
Attack Photon Points Recovery This skill increases Photon Points recovery when attacking
Overwhelm It increases Photon Points recovery when attacking any enemies other than bosses

What is the best subclass for Gunners?

The best subclass for Gunners in PSO2: NGS is the Ranger, which provides filler damage with Rifle Grenadier or Sticky Bomb Quick Reload. During the Chain Trigger’s Cooldown, players can use WAs for quick damage, and then switch to TMG.

The addition of Spread Shot unto Charge and Rifle Grenadier Quick Reload makes this subclass stronger, as it outperforms Fighters and Bouncers at bosses.

Which Photon Arts are needed for Gunners?

Allegedly, players only need 3 Photon Arts to play the Gunner, but they should know when to use these Photon Arts:

Photon Art name Description
Point Blank It is the best damage-dealing ability when you are fighting single target enemies. Players can use it in fights against bosses, where they can stand right next to the bosses’ weak point
Bullet Rave This is your main damage ability, and it is best used against single targets that are further away from you
Aimless Rain This short-ranged area-of-effect (AoE) attack deals damage to multiple enemies simultaneously

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