PSO2 NGS: Geometric Labyrinth

The Geometric Labyrinth in PSO2:NGS consists of different floors, which have to be cleared to earn rewards.

Gamers are invited to explore this exciting video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2:NGS). As part of the Artificial Relict To Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, it is your responsibility to team up with a mysterious ally to defeat the powerful threat that is the DOLLS.

On your quest to save the world, you can engage in activities and in-game events, craft, collect, and procure weapons and armour. You can also gather resources, complete side quests, participate in trials, and explore the Geometric Labyrinth, however, you need the Trinitas quests to enter it.

Trinitas quests

Trinitas Quests can be completed in the Trinitas pyramid, which is located in Central Retem. The entrance to the pyramid is underground, and players can access it through a tunnel.

In order to complete this quest, players have to defeat waves of enemies on different levels of the pyramid. The level of these enemies that is encountered in the activity will scale to be the same as that of the player with the highest level in the party.

Players should thus ensure that there is not a massive difference in levels when they are creating a party with other players.

PSO2 NGS: Geometric Labyrinth
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PSO2 NGS: Geometric Labyrinth

Before you can enter the Geometric Labyrinth in PSO2: NGS, you have to unlock it. Players can travel to Retem, where they will find the non-player-character (NPC), Beverly, to receive a quest. After completing 2 quests, you have to travel to Trinitas to find the entrance to the Geometric Labyrinth.

It can be quite difficult to find the entrance, so it is recommended that you run to the coast and search for a small cave. You can find the cave at G4 on the map and at the end of the cave’s tunnel, you will find the entrance to the labyrinth.

Players will then unlock the fast travel option, which means that you no longer have to travel through the tunnel to reach the activity. Instead, you can fast travel to the Geometric Labyrinth.

PSO2 NGS: Geometric Labyrinth
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After completing it for the first time, players unlock the ability to customise the difficulty of the quest by applying difficulty modifiers. A total of 10 challenges can be applied during the quest. Every challenge you apply to the quest has an effect on the score:

Challenge Score multiplier
Increases enemy max health points by 50 percent +      20 percent
Increases enemy attack power by 100 percent +      20 percent
Restasigne consumption increases by x4 +      45 percent
The maximum carry limit of Reversasigne and Restasigne decreases by 1 +      15 percent
Your Photon Blast Gauge increase rate decreases by 90 percent on some floors +      5 percent
Enemies can turn into Gigantix on some floors +      5 percent
Your photon points consumption increases by 30 percent on specific floors +      5 percent
PSO2 NGS: Geometric Labyrinth
© Sega

Why should you apply challenges?

Some PSO2: NGS gamers argue that some challenges seem too difficult to complete, but these challenges are crucial if you want to increase your rank. Before starting the quest, you can view the rank that you will receive after completing the quest.

The challenges affect your score multiplier, which influences your rank. The higher your score multiplier is, the higher the score will be. If you are interested in achieving the highest rank for the Geometric Labyrinth, you should apply challenges.

The ranking details are as follows:

Rank Score required
B In order to acquire this rank, players’ scores must be higher than 200 000
A The party’s score must be higher than 700 00 to obtain this rank
S Your score has to be higher than 2 500 000 to achieve this rank

How many floors are there?

In the Geometric Labyrinth, players must complete a total of 6 floors to complete the quest. If you fail a floor, you will get the opportunity to clear it again.

The rank completion of the quest is determined by the overall score that your party has achieved throughout the quest. So it is advisable that you clear the floors efficiently.

Rewards for completing the Geometric Labyrinth

Every time you complete the Geometric Labyrinth, you have a chance to earn rewards. It is unknown whether applying challenges increases the drop rate of these rewards or not:

Augments Weapons and Units Other
  • Tria Guarotech
  • Tria Spiromel
  • Tria Staromel
  • Guard I – III
  • Deftness I – III
  • Stamina I- III
  • Spirit I – III
  • Might I – III
  • Relik series
  • Greaga Series
  • Fivla Series
  • Gothica Series
  • Vijf Armor
  • Gold Primm Sword
  • Silver Primm Armor
  • MTN: Fash – Ninja/nn
  • Nex Aelio Spikes
  • Nex Aelio Wings
  • Nex Aelio Tail

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