PSO2 NGS: Garongo Geos

Garongo Geo is a Giant Mutant enemy in PSO2: NGS which only spawns in North Aelio and South Kvaris.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an explorative video game that combines tactical elements with role-playing.

There are several activities and in-game events that you can enjoy as you progress in the game. You may also encounter enemies as your adventure continues.

PSO2: NGS’ developer, Sega, recently announced that a new enemy, Garongo Geos, now appears in different Sectors of the game.

Enemies in PSO2: NGS

Although the main enemy of the game is the DOLLS, you will encounter numerous other enemies with unique mechanics. It is worth noting that some enemies have weak points, and others become stronger under certain conditions.

Moreover, some enemies only spawn in certain regions, which means that you may find an enemy in Kvaris that you will not find it in Aelio. Therefore, players need to have some knowledge about the enemies in PSO2: NGS.

Since there are more than 14 enemies, it is nearly impossible to know where each enemy will spawn, how to defeat them, and what items they drop.

PSO2 NGS: Garongo Geos

In March 2023’s headline, Sega announced that several new features that will be added to PSO2: NGS. There are also limited-time events, AC Scratch Tickets, and a new Field Race course for you to enjoy.

However, the developer also announced that a new enemy type, Giant Mutants, are added to the game to celebrate the second phase of the Giant Mutant Migration event. This second phase commenced on Wednesday, 1 March 2023.

Unfortunately, it is undetermined how long the Giant Mutant Migration event will remain active, thus, we recommend that you defeat as many Giant Mutants as possible. During the event, you can defeat Garongo Geo and Wauron Geo.

PSO2 NGS: Garongo Geos
© Sega

However, the enemies’ locations now differ from what they were in the first phase of the event. During the first phase, you could find Garongo Geos in North Retem and the Stia Outer Area. For the second half, Garongo Geos are occupying North Aelio and South Kvaris.

When you are in these areas and you come across a dread enemy, you should attempt to defeat it. This is because the Garongo Geo will spawn once you have defeated the dread enemy.

Keep in mind that it may be a difficult fight, so you may want to wait until a few more players reach the area before you try to vanquish the dread enemy and eventually the Garongo Geo. After defeating Garongo Geo, all players who participated in the fight will receive rewards.

Strategy for defeating Garongo Geo

Defeating a Garongo Geo in PSO2: NGS is no easy task and thus, players have to follow specific strategies to defeat it. In order to expose the enemy’s weak point, you have to dive attack his core multiple times after he performs his big wind-up attack.

If you use this tactic, the fight against the Garongo Geo will become much more manageable. However, this means that you have to wait until the enemy performs his big wind-up attack to perform a dive attack. This means that the fight may become longer.

You can still deal damage to Garongo Geo even if he has not performed a wind-up attack yet. His health points will decrease significantly when you attack his weak point.

Garongo Geo drops

After defeating Garongo Geo, you will be rewarded with several items, regardless of how many players participated in the fight. You can acquire a range of accessories, Dread Keeper, Stira Notes, Augments, Neos Justitean weapons, and yellow triggers.

It is assumed that one of each Note is guaranteed when you defeat Garongo Geo. However, there is a fair chance that you will get Dread Keeper IV and Alts Secreta IV if you defeat the enemy during the night.

It is worth noting that the Neos Justitean weapons and Dominas are an uncommon drop, and the accessories are considered rare. Moreover, there is a chance that the enemy may drop a weapon camo, however, the chances are incredibly slim.

What weapon camos does Garongo Geo drop?

There is a chance that gamers could procure the Curio Holy Ray weapon camo once they have defeat Garongo Geo. However, this is an incredibly rare drop, which means that you may never obtain it, even when you defeat the enemy 100 times.

Once you have procured the weapon camo, you can equip it to a Rifle to change the weapon’s appearance. Keep in mind that a weapon camo only changes a weapon’s appearance and that it does not affect its statistics.

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