PSO2 NGS: Formido Fusia

Formido Fusia allows PSO2: NGS players to create extremely powerful augments, though you can only acquire it by completing Duel Quests.

You can join the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organization in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). As you progress in the game, you will find Augments.

A recent PSO2: NGS update revealed that players can now obtain Formido Fusia Augments by completing Duel Quests.

PSO2: NGS April 2023 update

At the beginning of April 2023, PSO2: NGS released an update sharing all the new and exciting features coming to the game.

The update revealed that Manon’s location is unknown, and it is up to you to follow chapter 5 of the story quests to find out where Manon is. Players can now explore the floating island, Leciel.

Gamers can enjoy the new Slayer class, which specializes in the new Gunblade weapon series. You can also use the new SF Scratch Ticket feature to acquire unique weapon camos and other items based on the new Slayer class.

Furthermore, the update introduced a new mission pass, an anniversary event, a seasonal point exchange shop and a new 8-star weapon series, Revita.

PSO2 NGS: Formido Fusia

The April 2023 update also revealed that new Duel Quests have been added to the game. Duel Quests are high-difficulty quests in which you have to vanquish the boss enemy in every region in PSO2: NGS.

Since these are solo quests, you must be extremely confident in your combat capabilities.

You can pick up Duel Quests from the quest counter, which is in all major cities. There are 4 Duel Quests to complete and each Duel Quest has specific time limits in which the quest must be completed, or you will fail the quest.

For each Duel quest you complete, you will receive various rewards, including the new Formido Fusia Augment Capsule.

It is noteworthy that this Augment can only be procured by completing Duel Quests and therefore, lower-level players cannot obtain it, as their characters are not strong enough yet.

Although you can affix Formido Fusia, we recommend that you do not affix them as you will be wasting Augments.

Instead, players can use Formido Fusia Augment Capsules to fuse together stronger Augments in the Item Lab. The Augment Capsule Exchange Shop can be accessed through the Item Lab vendor.

Currently, there are 6 powerful Augments that you can create by using Formido Fusia. Every Augment has unique effects, so you need to carefully consider which augments you want to create.

Which Augments can you create with Formido Fusia?

The following table lists the Augments that you can create with Formido Fusia in PSO2: NGS:

Augment Effect Price
C/Gua Triplble
  • Potency is increased by 3 percent
  • Damage Resistance is increased by 3 percent.
  • 3 Formido Fusia
  • 10 Gua Might
  • 10 Gua Precision
  • 10 Gua Technique
C/Deft Triplble
  • Increases your potency by 2.5 percent
  • Your Potency Floor is increased by 2.5 percent.
  • 2 Formido Fusia
  • 10 Deft Might
  • 10 Deft Precision
  • 10 Deft Technique
C/Spi Triplble
  • This augment increases your Photon Points by 5
  • Your potency is increased by 3 percent
  • 3 Formido Fusia
  • 10 Spi Might
  • 10 Spi Precision
  • 10 Spi Technique
C/Sta Triplble
  • Increases your health points by 15
  • Potency is increased by 3 percent
  • 3 Formido Fusia
  • 10 Sta Might
  • 10 Sta Precision
  • 10 Sta Technique
C/Triplble II
  • This augment increases your potency by 3 percent
  • 1 Formido Fusia
  • 5 Melra Dualble IV
  • 5 Meltech Dualble IV
  • 5 Ratech Dualble IV
C/Gigas Maste
  • It increases your health points by 20
  • Your potency is increased by 3.5 percent
  • 10 Formido Fusia
  • 10 Gigas Might IV
  • 10 Gigas Precision IV
  • 10 Gigas Technique
PSO2 NGS: Formido Fusia
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Duel Quests

As explained, there are 4 Duel Quests that you can complete to acquire Formido Fusia. To complete these quests, you have to travel to Resol Forest, Central Retem, Central Kvaris and Dext Base.

Although the locations differ, the quest restrictions remain the same. Players have 5 minutes to destroy the enemy before they fail the quest. Since the enemies are level 70, you need a minimum battle power of 3119.

In addition to Formido Fusia, you will receive 50 Star Gems when you complete the quests for the first time. However, the enemies can drop several items when you have defeated them.

Which enemies do you have to defeat?

In each quest you must defeat a specific boss enemy, depending on the region you are in. The table below lists the enemy that you have to defeat:

Duel Quest Region Enemy
1 Resol Forest Nex Aelio
2 Central Retem Renus Retem
3 Central Kvaris Ams Kvaris
4 Dext Base Nils Stia

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