PSO2 NGS: Force guide 2022

One of the classes that you can play in PSO2: NGS is Force, which can either wield a rod or a talis.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an adventurous video game that invites players to enjoy role-playing strategy and tactical battles.

The game is inspired by the classic game, Phantasy Star Online, so there are similar aspects throughout the games in the series.

However, since NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, you can enjoy updated graphics and gameplay.

Before you explore the vast open world of Halpha, you must create and customise your character. You can select the character’s facial expressions, hair colour, hair style, name, body type, and voice among other features.

However, the most important decision is which class the character is going to be. There are various classes to choose from, like the Force class.

Which class should you play based on your playstyle?

In PSO2: NGS, you can choose 1 class. However, you can change your class at the Class Counter after you have started playing.

Each class in NGS has its own specialities in battle. For instance, some classes excel at attacking from a distance, while others perform better when they are in close range combat.

Your playstyle can determine the class that you select in PSO2: NGS. The Hunter and Fighter classes are perfect for those who prefer melee combat, and you should choose the Ranger or Gunner class if you want to fight from a distance.

If you are interested in dealing magic damage, select the Force class. On the other hand, the Techter class can deal magic damage in melee situations, however, this class performs best as a supporting unit.

PSO2 NGS: Force guide 2022

The Force class is one of the classes that you can select in PSO2: NGS. A Force character should focus on dealing magic damage, but they can also support their allies.

You should note that each class in NGS specialises in a specific weapon. The table below lists the recommended weapons for the Force class, and a description of each:

Weapon name Description
Rod The Rod is a long-range weapon that is exclusive to the Force class. Unlike other weapons, it does not have access to any offensive Photon Arts. Instead, it relies on Techniques to deal damage.

Since techniques are Photon Point intensive, rod players have to take advantage of the many Photon Point recover options availed to the Force class.

Talis The Talis is similar to the rod, as it relies on Techniques to deal damage. However, it can use 2 offensive photon arts and is less specialised.

The weapon can change how techniques function better to suit every fight. It thus exchanges the rods DPS for versatility.

Both of these weapons have a weapon action, which can be used in combat. The rod’s React is a timing-based parry that can negate an enemy attack. If an attack is parried successfully, the character becomes immune to damage for a few seconds.

Since Force players will be standing some distance away from the enemies, it is easy to parry attacks compared to with other players.

The talis’ weapon action is Bloom, and when it is used, it places down a stationary turret that automatically fires at nearby enemies. This action can be cancelled by reusing the weapon or by moving far away from the turret.

Force skills

The Force features an array of skills and abilities that you can use, however, some skills are more valuable than others. The recommended skills for the Force class are:

Skill name Description
PP Conversion This skill decreases a Force character’s maximum health points for a set time in exchange for a natural PPP recovery speed.
Photon Flare It boosts your maximum photon point and the potency of your weapons for a set time. It can only be used by a main class, and by force weapons.
Resta Field Force Nearby characters can be healed when you use a Restasigne, but it can only be used by a Main Class.
PSO2 NGS: Force guide 2022
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Techniques for the Rod

Since the Rod cannot access any Photon Arts you should use Techniques instead.

There are 6 techniques that you can use when wielding a rod, including 2 for each element: fire, lighting, and ice. Most enemies have an elemental weakness, which is indicated below their name and level.

For bosses, you should always make an effort to use a technique that takes advantage of this weakness. It is recommended that you use Gizonde before placing Zone. However, you have to purchase the Zonde-Clad skill.

Talis Photon Arts and Techniques

If you wield a talis, it is advisable that you use either Convergence Shot or Spread Shot before using Techniques. These Photon Arts change how Techniques are cast.

Convergence Shot changes them to be a single target, and Spread Shot gives them an area-of-effect coverage.

Talis users can either use the same Techniques as the rod, or they can switch between elements.

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