PSO2 NGS: Fashion

Fashion in PSO2: NGS may seem like an inconsequential feature to some players, but it is a vital component of the game to others.

You are invited to explore the fictitious realm of Halpha in this compelling video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS).

It is part of the classic video game series, Phantasy Star Online, and as such, the gameplay and mechanics will be similar throughout the series. However, NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, so players can enjoy updated graphics.

Before you can play NGS, you have to create and customise a character according to your liking. You can select the character’s gender, facial expressions, hairstyle and hair colour, height, weight, and eye colour, among other features.

Gamers should bear in mind that these are not permanent, as you can change your character’s appearance and fashion at a later stage.

Customizing looks

In NGS, the “customize looks” option allows you to change your character’s hairstyle and head parts. However, you can also customise your outfit or layering wear.

PSO2 NGS: Fashion
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With regard to the races, only CASTs, which are one of the 4 races in the game, have a unique set of customisable items.

The following items can be customised:

  • Looks
  • Body Paint
  • Arms
  • Basewear
  • Head Parts
  • Outfit
  • Legs
  • Innerwear
  • Hairstyle
  • Body Parts
  • Outerwear
  • Accessories
PSO2 NGS: Fashion
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If your character’s accessories have been adjusted in the Salon, and you select the “Change Accessories” option, the properties that you have adjusted will reset. If you would like to readjust your Accessories, you have to visit the salon.

Moreover, the body parts, arms, and legs mentioned above are only applicable to CAST characters.

PSO2 NGS: Fashion
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PSO2 NGS: Fashion

In order to change your character’s appearance in NGS, you have to visit the Salon. Players can talk to the Salon staff non-player character, Eterna, which you can find her in the main plaza, with the rest of the NPCs of Central City.

PSO2 NGS: Fashion
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When you talk to her, she will offer to take you to the salon, and accepting her offer will open the character editing screen. In the new menu, you can change your character’s appearance.

Adding cosmetic accessories, resizing, changing clothes, and changing armour is free of charge. However, if you want to edit your character’s physiology, then you either need to spend SG or use a Salon Pass. And if you want to change the colour of any part of your character, you can use a Color Pass.

You can acquire Salon and Color Passes by participating in events, claiming free gifts from the development team, and completing challenges.

Additionally, players can alter their character’s basic clothing. To do this, you can open the “Gear” tab and select the “Fashion” tab. In the new menu, you can change accessories, clothing, hairstyles, and certain pasts for CASTs.

You cannot change your character’s body features from the Fashion menu, so you have to visit the Salon. There are endless Fashion possibilities in PSO2: NGS, so you may spend hours in the Fashion menu and in the Salon.

How to use a Color Pass

When you have a Color Pass in your inventory, you can select the applicable option from the menu on the left. If you are editing a CAST, you have to select colour and select or adjust according to the description at the bottom of the screen.

For all other races, you can select outfit colour before selecting outerwear colour. It is noteworthy that colours on outfits that are equippable by all races cannot be changed.

If a CAST has a CAST-only outfit equipped, players can change the outfit’s colour by changing the min colour settings, but when a Human, Deuman or Newman has a parts-design outfit equipped, you can only change the main colour settings on the CAST-only parts.


As mentioned, the looks feature is fully customisable. It allows you to save your character’s hairstyle and outfit combination for later use. Generally, players can register up to 10 looks per character in your basic slots.

But with Premium status, you can register looks in slots 11 through 30. The display priority of body paints and adjustments to accessories are also saved. Moreover, face variants for the male CAST characters can also be saved.

How to unlock outfits

Outfits generally come from scratch tickets in PSO2: NGS. When you open the in-game shop, you will see a ‘Play Scratch Tickets’ option.

If you click on it all the current available ticket line-ups will appear. Most of these tickets can only be purchased with real-life money. However, players can use the Daily Free SG Ticket to potentially unlock outfits.

While players can sell accessories that are bought with AC on their personal shops on the market, this allows other players to buy accessories with Meseta.

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