PSO2 NGS: Famous Stia Crab

In the new PSO2: NGS region, Stia, players can get the Famous Stia Crab, which they can use to procure Infernium.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an adventurous video game that combines role-playing with strategic battles.

PSO2: NGS has numerous consumables that can have a certain effect on your characters. Sega recently added a new food to the game, called Famous Stia Crab.

Consumables in PSO2: NGS

Food is a mechanic in PSO2: NGS and is the game’s replacement for the Drink Stand that was in the original game.

If you combine different ingredients from numerous sources in the world, you can create custom boots effects, which can enhance your character’s combat abilities for a limited time.

Similarly to miners, food sources replenish regularly once they are collected, or in the case of Meat, items can be found when the appropriate TAMES enemy respawns in the world.

At the time of writing this, there are 4 food categories, namely Meat, Fruit, Vegetables, and Seafood. Every category can only be acquired if you defeat a specific enemy, or if you collect it in a certain region.

PSO2 NGS: Famous Stia Crab

Sega recently announced that Stia is the fourth region expansion in PSO2: NGS. The new region introduces new quests, cocoons, towers, enemies, and food sources. One of the food items that you can get in the region is the Famous Stia Crab.

PSO2 NGS: Famous Stia Crab
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The item allegedly spawns in the Outer Mediola Area 2, but to more specifically, you can find it where the Vet Drill enemy resides. Keep in mind that you genuinely have to wait by the lava bomb pools for the weather to change and for the lava to disappear.

Players can allegedly only procure 2 Famous Stia Crabs at a time. In order to track the item, you can get the Seafood task from Leah May, or the side task from the Stia Vanguard member.

The quest will take you directly to where the Famous Stia Crabs spawn, therefore, it is recommended that you pick up the quest.

That being said, you can obtain the Famous Stia Crabs without the quests, but it can be difficult to track the item without the quests.

Once you have the item, you can complete the quest by talking to the corresponding non-player character. However, you can also use the Famous Stia Crabs to procure a new mineral, Infernium.

Exchanging Famous Stia Crabs for Infernium

If you do not want to farm minerals, you can use your Famous Stia Crab to exchange it for Infernium. To do this, you can open the “Exchange Item Store” and scroll down the list until you find Infernium.

It is vital to note that in addition to Famous Stia Crabs, you also need to find Famous Stia Mushrooms and Famous Stia Carambola.

Bear in mind that you need 2 of each of the above-mentioned in order to get 1 Infernium. Players should also note that these items can only be procured in the Stia region, which ultimately means that you have to farm them to purchase Infernium.

What is Infernium?

Not only did Stia introduce new enemies and new quests to the game, but it also added new minerals that you can harvest. Infernium is a rare new mineral that you can only acquire in the Stia region. Although it is a mineral, it functions as a currency.

The mineral can be used to procure various items, like Dualble IV items, Arms Refiners, miners, CAlts Secreta IV, and N-EX Cubes.

These items might be tempting to purchase, but it is recommended that you save up your Infernium to purchase the new 8-star weapon series called Kouklophis.

Once you have obtained Infernium, you can go to the new non-player character in Stia Camp to exchange it for items.

Kouklophis weapon series

The Kouklophis is a new 8-star weapon series in PSO2: NGS, which implies that it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Unlike other weapons, Kouklophis is quite easy to acquire. For this reason, it is advisable that you try to obtain it as quickly as possible.

The basic version of the weapon costs around 15 Infernium, however, players should rather save their Infernium to purchase the fix attack 3 version, which costs 200 Infernium.

Although the weapon’s basic attack is 520, it can be increased to 664. This is quite a high-attack number, however, it is a few points below the Kaizaar weapon series’ attack.

Similarly to other weapons, the Kouklophis weapons can be upgraded, although, to upgrade the weapons, you need specific items and currencies.

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